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Why your reps don’t need cold calling scripts

Why your reps don’t need cold calling scripts cold calling scripts

Your reps don’t need cold calling scripts, your reps need call frameworks. Have you ever heard someone jump for joy when you say “here is a script” or worse, have you ever heard someone scripted and said, “Wow, now I really feel a connection to this rep”? Odds are you have not. So I would assert that we should leave scripts to actors and take a more practical approach with sales teams. Some of you might be asking “what’s the difference”… well, the difference between a cold calling script and a Framework is that the framework is more of a shortened version of a talk track or snippets of information that can be worked into a natural conversation.

Top 7 Sales Books

Top 7 Sales Books call intelligence platform

It is often said that a book is the best way to enter the mind of someone who has spent more time researching and studying a particular field than you will ever have. This is because a book will provide you with information on the subject without any personal opinion or preference on the matter, and as such is one of the most reliable sources of knowledge available to people. Just like a new sales representative beginning onboarding, and logging into a call intelligence platform to review calls; books provide insight and knowledge from those who have been there before.

Why Your Reps Need Positive Reinforcement, Not Criticism

Why Your Reps Need Positive Reinforcement, Not Criticism Killing it! Why your reps need positive reinforcement, not criticism.

Go to your lowest-performing rep and find 3 things they are doing that are amazing. Say nice things about them, and then just let it go. That’s right, don’t coach them yet. Just let that ball of confidence roll for a day or two. Then pump them up again, only this time, be on their team and ask questions like “I wonder if we tried X, Y, and Z what would happen, what do you think?”. Doing this will leave your rep much more receptive to the feedback because you are on their side and trying to solve the problem together. Want to help them even further? Maybe get them a real-time coaching tool that combines best practices with live call guidance so they don’t have to make decisions with limited information under pressure… Keep killing it!

Why “Script” is a Dirty 6 Letter Word

Why “Script” is a Dirty 6 Letter Word Why Script is a dirty six letter word

If a rep is given a script to use on a cold call to overcome objections and told to “use this script”, they are probably going to look at the script and only know how to handle situations outlined in the script. On the flip side, if a rep is given a framework and told to use the framework to help guide the call, it instantly sets in the sales rep’s mind there are going to be blank spots and unknowns that need to be filled in.

Cold Calling Strategies for Sales Teams

Cold Calling Strategies for Sales Teams Cold Calling Strategies

Instead of convincing the prospect to buy, the goal is to determine which of your solutions are a good fit, at the perfect time. Clearly demonstrate your organization’s ability to be a superior fit over the incumbent and the competition.
Top-performing SDRs learn more about their prospects when they receive objections. They are able to pivot the conversation to reiterate the benefits of how their solutions address the prospect’s uncertainties.

How to be an Effective Storyteller (and increase your sales!)

How to be an Effective Storyteller (and increase your sales!) Larry Long teaches how to be an effective story teller

“I would say you can’t afford *not* to tell stories now in a cold call. We have to use common sense. But essentially, we want to be relevant and relatable. It’s very easy to say “Hey Greg, I was talking to John who’s just like you were right down the road in Arizona. John and I were speaking about this challenge… have you faced that at all?” Now I’m able to relate now that I’m sharing this story. I’m giving the intro and I’m trying to pique your interest and from there it’s either “hey tell me more” or “I pity the fool”.”

Teaching Sales Representatives to Fish

Teaching Sales Representatives to Fish Teaching Sales Reps to Fish

This podkast with Mike Fisher discussed asking questions on the front-end of a conversation and determining what the customer’s needs are early in the process, rather than “showing up and throwing up”. Mike has been training business development teams across the globe for about 20 years. 

The discussion centered on “closing deals”; the goal of every sales leader, wanting their team to close deals, bringing in revenue for the company.  Mike teaches from looking at the selling perspective, and helping the sales representative learn to hear the customer, and be able to get the customer to articulate what it is that they like about your product, diving into selling themselves on the product, helping to ease the way toward the close. Part of this critical technique is sincerely listening and not talking. Once a sales representative learns how to listen and not talk, business increases naturally.

Mike talks about he used a Manila folder when he was selling books. His was a unique idea and tactic that ended up onboarding new clients. It wasn’t a “technique”; it came out of his sincerely listening and reading what the customers were saying, uncovering desires.

Salespeople should be taught how to discover what differentiates products and articulate the value proposition in a way that helps them translate to uncovering and solving their customer’s needs. 

Listen as Greg & Mike discuss the merits and pains of requiring sales reps to be fully trained on their organizations’ products and the importance of having emotional intelligence.

This podkast will have sales reps wanting to rewind and listen again!

Average Waiting Times Decrease as Satisfaction Metrics Increase

Average Waiting Times Decrease as Satisfaction Metrics Increase Customer Satisfaction Metrics and Turnover Rates

You’ve likely heard horror stories about the difficulty Contact Center Agents have experienced due to lack of resources or the training and support to fully understand their jobs. When a CSA first gets their job, they either learn quickly how to get by or they don’t and are cut. The strong survived and everyone else was cut within their first 90 days for the most part. There is a correlation between Call Centers being miserable places to work and a large number of dissatisfied customers. How can improving call average waiting times solve employee turnover for Contact Center Agents?

Tracking Sales Calls with AI

Tracking Sales Calls with AI Tracking Sales Calls with AI

Tracking sales calls couldn’t be easier with a transcript, live cues, and a call guide to follow. Not because your inside sales or outbound salespeople couldn’t handle it without it, but because now you can hire for attitude and train to fit. Your best performers will perform better, your worst performers will outrun your competitor’s best performers. You might even save the world… ok… maybe not, but at least you could go down in history as an innovative sales leader.

Roadmap for Career Progression in SaaS Sales

Roadmap for Career Progression in SaaS Sales Roadmap for Career Progression in SaaS SalesRoadmap for Career Progression in SaaS Sales - Dylan Allen

I’ll put in the extra hours. I’ll put in the extra time and really just kind of did whatever I could in the interview process is to reassure that recruiter, or that that sales manager that like you know, hey, I’m the guy you should bet on and here’s why. And something to reassure that recruiter or else that I think folks can do as well. Even though I wasn’t in tech sales, a lot of the work that I did at my previous company was still very transferable.

Making cold calls, you know, prospecting, running my own sales calls and all of those things that I can absolutely leverage that experience into as well. So, I think there’s a few different ways you can go about it, but at the end of the day you got to be able to put and change their perspective in that person’s mind a little bit and just kind of say hey, like you know I can do this and really persuade them and let them know that you know you can do it and give them that confidence to pull the trigger.

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