After being told "no, this can't be built" by 30+ other potential Technology leaders, John was the first person who said "let's try and build this!" when approached with the idea of Abstrakt. John started his career building computer games, and now builds Enterprise A.I. Software solutions.
The Problem with Conversational Software

The Problem with Conversational Software

Anyone who has spent any short period of time cold calling knows the euphoria of not only getting someone on the phone but also the endorphin dump your brain experiences when the person you are talking to says “I’m interested”. It is one of those scenarios where all logical thought, everything you learned in onboarding and all common sense goes out the window as your natural instinct is to seize the opportunity to win. Reviewing calls like this in traditional, reactive conversational software, is in a lot of ways like playing Russian roulette. You never know what is going to happen next… could be really good, or the call (and subsequent opportunity) could quickly die.

The takeaway

The Takeaway

They’ve done studies you know, 60% of the time, it works every time! Actually, when sales leaders review calls and demos in their real-time call coaching platform, they find that the takeaway actually works closer to 100% of the time. When tools like Abstrakt are deployed, and recognize objections or pick up decent, recommended responses can help reps overcome sales objections by highlighting options for reps to use like the takeaway. Below, we are going to dive into some reasons why 100% of the time, the takeaway works every time.

A conversation intelligence platform is only 13 of the conversational intelligence puzzle

A Conversation Intelligence Platform is only ⅓ of the Conversational Intelligence Puzzle

Just like real life, it probably won’t always go to plan, so we have contingency plans pop up when something goes sideways. For example, we were not planning on a competitor coming up, but when it happens, there are immediate sales call frameworks with helpful bullets on how to handle the call. Because of this, our team is able to complete a Sales Conversation intelligence Platform checklist of before CI, during CI, and post CI (analytics).

Great 7 Sales books

Top 7 Sales Books

It is often said that a book is the best way to enter the mind of someone who has spent more time researching and studying a particular field than you will ever have. This is because a book will provide you with information on the subject without any personal opinion or preference on the matter, and as such is one of the most reliable sources of knowledge available to people. Just like a new sales representative beginning onboarding, and logging into a call intelligence platform to review calls; books provide insight and knowledge from those who have been there before.

why your reps need positive reinforcement, not criticism

Why Your Reps Need Positive Reinforcement, Not Criticism

Go to your lowest-performing rep and find 3 things they are doing that are amazing. Say nice things about them, and then just let it go. That’s right, don’t coach them yet. Just let that ball of confidence roll for a day or two. Then pump them up again, only this time, be on their team and ask questions like “I wonder if we tried X, Y, and Z what would happen, what do you think?”. Doing this will leave your rep much more receptive to the feedback because you are on their side and trying to solve the problem together. Want to help them even further? Maybe get them a real-time coaching tool that combines best practices with live call guidance so they don’t have to make decisions with limited information under pressure… Keep killing it!

why script is a dirty 6 letter word

Why “Script” is a Dirty 6 Letter Word

If a rep is given a script to use on a cold call to overcome objections and told to “use this script”, they are probably going to look at the script and only know how to handle situations outlined in the script. On the flip side, if a rep is given a framework and told to use the framework to help guide the call, it instantly sets in the sales rep’s mind there are going to be blank spots and unknowns that need to be filled in.

tracking sales calls with AI

Tracking Sales Calls with AI

Tracking sales calls couldn’t be easier with a transcript, live cues, and a call guide to follow. Not because your inside sales or outbound salespeople couldn’t handle it without it, but because now you can hire for attitude and train to fit. Your best performers will perform better, your worst performers will outrun your competitor’s best performers. You might even save the world… ok… maybe not, but at least you could go down in history as an innovative sales leader.

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