Average Waiting Times Decrease as Satisfaction Metrics Increase

Customer Satisfaction Metrics and Turnover Rates

Contact Center Agents lack the experience and the training and support to understand their jobs thoroughly. A CSA either learns quickly at their new job and can get by, or they don’t and end up eliminated. The strong survive, and everyone else gets cut within the first 90 days generally. How can improving call average waiting times solve employee turnover for Contact Center Agents?

There is a correlation between Call Centers being miserable places to work and many dissatisfied customers.

Employee Turnover is Costly and Avoidable

Contact Center Agents start the day readying their phones to start dialing at the beginning of their workday. They take customer calls wanting information that the agents cannot handle. The CSA, which manages congested phone lines, is in charge of the customer’s needs. The complexity of each call is not always commensurate with the agent’s level of training.

One of the highest costs for a contact center is employee turnover, seconded by customer attrition.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

What happens when a contact center doesn’t track its customer satisfaction metrics? “Gut feeling” isn’t a qualifier when it comes to deciding whether or not to implement a system. Thriving contact centers place importance on “First Call Resolution.” Some businesses incentivize when these scores show demonstrable continuous improvement.

How is Success Measured?

Contact centers record their customer interactions in their CRM (customer relationship management). These include social media interactions, emails, and webchats, for example. Customers are becoming more and more demanding as technology continues to advance. They expect businesses to be available to them on the channel they use, which isn’t just the phone. Having a multichannel approach creates positive customer experiences. Contact Center Agents increase their personal Customer Satisfaction Metrics scores, serving them well at review time!

Respond Quickly

With our immediate information and data overload culture, it is not surprising that 90% of customers expect instant responses. Customers believe that valuing their time is the most crucial thing a provider can do. Businesses have responded to the myriad of channels used for communication to help eliminate customer wait time. It’s essential that companies easily and quickly respond to customer issues. 

Representatives can manage calls according to a Framework of recommended responses acknowledging the customer in their Buyer’s Journey. This Real-Time Conversational Intelligence helps guide Agents handle the particular obstacle or question that they are facing.

“What Else Can I Do”?

Contact Center Managers report their agents decreasing the customer’s efforts produce more positive Customer Satisfaction Metrics than their peers. Offering to take care of items so that the customer doesn’t have to goes a long way. Customers want a one-click checkout and next-day shipping. Why wouldn’t they expect simplistic and fast customer service? Here are a couple of ways to go the extra mile:

  • Offer to provide post-call resources
  • Paraphrase issues back to them
  • Let the customer know that you heard them clearly and will take care of their needs 

Good Service Starts With Solid Training

Employees trained in soft skills and customer service will guarantee your company satisfied customers and repeat business!

ABSTRAKT’s job is to help decrease ramp timelines, reduce loss rates and replicate Top Performers. Specifically designed to be agile and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies. No integrations or phone systems are required, ever.

ABSTRAKT offers Real-Time Conversational Coaching software. Our software provides the right sales information at the right time, live on the sales call or demo presentation.

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