B2B Buying Behavior – Is It Shifting to B2C?

B2B buying behavior

Consumerization of how people are buying software is the overarching theme of this podcast about Sales Development with David Dulany, Founder & CEO of Tenbound and Greg Reffner, Founder & CEO of ABSTRAKT

“It kind of dawned on me that the key to successful sales development, in general, is strong project management so you can apply that to the messaging and the scripts and the playbook.” – David Dulany

For anyone in charge of generating company revenue, listen up!


Podkast Transcript Excerpt:

David Dulany – “I think you hit it right on the head. I mean it’s a relatively new industry in some ways. Like if you think about telemarketing and people doing inside sales. I mean that goes back.  You know from the beginning of the phone, but the new, the new industry of sales development, really.  Just came up maybe in the last like 10 years with the advent of salesforce.com and software as a service so it’s relatively new so there’s not a whole lot of good data out there and good research that people can use and especially, you know, benchmark reports like we just released an.

Overall, you know surveyed benchmark report so people can download that and go. Am I doing a good job, you know, are we making enough calls? Are we you know, sending enough emails and stuff like that and they can kind of calibrate? 

You know, and the other thing that I didn’t see. You have like the MarTech 5000 where there are all these tech companies? How do we? How do we sort these out on this big map?

And I saw one for the sales industry for from quote to cash and that whole thing. But I didn’t see one for the sales development, so we put that together to try to bring all those products and services into one place so you know stuff like that, it’s just it’s. It seems like there’s a thirst for that type of information.”

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