5 Myths about SaaS Sales

5 myths about SaaS sales

When it comes to SaaS sales, prospecting has escalated significantly in recent years. You’ve probably experienced the emails, LinkedIn messages, and even calls from sales reps striving to meet their quota each month.

So let’s debunk the most common myths when it comes to SaaS sales to help you make an even bigger impact on your pipeline. Hopefully, you haven’t believed too many of these myths. Worst case, we hope you get a laugh out of this and take a closer look at Abstraktaka better than reactive conversational intelligence software.

Myth 1: Good product sells itself

Sure, selling a product that is pretty darn perfect is awesome. But does it sell itself?


That’s where you come in. Finding ways to educate and prospect correctly is so important when it comes to SaaS sales. But first, prospecting.

If you don’t have a defined ICP and know who you should be targeting, it doesn’t matter how good your product is!

So the main takeaway is don’t wait until your product is “perfect” to start selling. Just make sure to set expectations with your customers so the Customer Success team doesn’t get annoyed with you.

Myth 2: Data is king

We love data at Abstrakt. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. But data by itself can only do so much.

Insight is actually king. Not data.

Understanding how to use the data and make effective changes is what will make you an effective sales leader. Many of you probably use conversational intelligence software. Great data, but how are you going to use it? Having a sales enablement team that can truly help make sure conversational intelligence software is used to its full potential is important.

Interestingly, a lot of people forget about qualitative data. While it isn’t as straightforward as quantitative data, it can still make an impact on your process and SaaS sales team.

So data is great, but insights are better. Always find ways to be better.

This starts by finding ways to improve processes, your product, and ABM techniques that will in turn drive more leads to build your pipeline.

SaaS Sales - Myth 2: Data is King

Myth 3: Reading a ton of sales books and listening to sales podcasts is how you become better in sales

While we want you to read all of our blog posts at Abstrakt, at the end of the day reading will only get you so far. The “best practices” blog post you just read – not going to help you meet your quota.

It may give you a quick tip or inspiration you need to get back on track, but at the end of the day, you become better at sales by selling. Intentional practice will help you reach your quota.

Actually selling and doing what needs to be done will help you improve. Talking directly with others in the field to help brainstorm and create ideas, will stick much better than reading an ebook.

Want something even better? How about making one more cold call or sending one more cold email? Do one more each day and you will absolutely be better each day, plus you can show up to those other sales reps who are competing for the same goals.

Myth 4: You get used to cold calling

Cold calling sucks. It doesn’t get better. Sure you learn to not take rejection personally, but no matter how many times someone tells you to “stop calling me”, it still sucks.

That’s why at Abstrakt we are transforming the SaaS sales world to make sales suck a little less for our customers. We offer real-time call coaching software, the next-gen of conversational intelligence. No more waiting until calls are over to see how you should have handled an objection better.

Want to see why sales leaders are calling Abstrakt a “cold callers best friend”? You can chat with us.

Myth 5: Content will bring in customers

Content is great and can truly make an impact on your selling strategies. But if you don’t promote the content you’ve created the right way, it will not give you the advantage you’re looking for.

Yes, we are talking about content and sales in the same sentence. Have you heard of social selling? If you haven’t created content, you are getting left behind especially if you’re in software.

Content creation is just the first step. Promoting your content is the most important. Utilize it while you’re trying social selling, ask if prospects are interested in learning more (and send them a copy), or even work with marketing to have them promote your content.

Sales and marketing can work together, we promise.

SaaS Sales - Myth 5: Content will bring in customers

Disagree with us?

Do you think one of these myths is true? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you and why you think differently. We welcome all opinions from sales reps to sales leaders.

More importantly, do you want to see cutting-edge software that most people don’t believe can actually work as fast as we say? Book a demo to see why real-time call coaching software is taking over the conversational intelligence software market. It’s pretty freaking cool.


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