The Dirty Secrets of Inside Sales

Secrets of inside sales coaching

Whether you’re just getting into sales or you’re a veteran, there are inside sales secrets that everyone should know. We are afraid to shine some light on them.

Let’s start by agreeing that sales is no longer just about high-pressure situations and “won’t take no for an answer” pitches. Sales is more dynamic where reps need to learn to empathize and listen to prospects more than ever before.

So what separates great inside sales reps and what are those dirty secrets of inside sales that give them their edge. That’s exactly what we’re diving into today.

Social Media will become your best friend

This is great for younger generations, but for those who didn’t grow up making dance videos, this can become more challenging. Embrace technology and social media, this is how you learn about your prospect.

Put yourself in their shoes, and find out what they like/don’t like so you can immediately relate to them. Plus they’ll be impressed that you did your homework.

P.S. Don’t overdo it … learn how to sound like you did your homework vs. being a stalker.

ALSO – social selling is real.

Sharing insights, stats, and leadership advice has become very important. Leverage your networks and take advantage of the low-hanging fruit when social selling.

Inside sales coaching actually matters

Now this one might surprise you, but great inside sales reps always give credit to the best leaders they had and the coaching that was given to them. Inside sales coaching is an art, finding a way to motivate, yet educate, reps is becoming very important.

Learning how to be efficient and effective is one of the key inside sales secrets. Learning how to consolidate all of the tools you have to make the most of each call you make provides greater consistency and sales productivity.

The best inside sales coaching comes from leaders who’ve been in the trenches and understand the difficult days that sales reps can have.

Keep that in mind when applying to jobs and meeting your leadership team.

When you ask a question, you should already know their answer

This one is tricky, but one of the very best inside sales secrets we’ve heard. You should be good enough to when you ask questions, you already know what the prospect is going to say.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry keep pushing yourself. Good things will happen to those who work hard.

Anticipating answers can help you set up for what to ask next and lead the conversation the way you want. However, the best sales reps expect the unexpected. If an answer surprised them, they can adjust quickly to get the conversation back to where it needs to be.

This is why inside sales coaching is so important. Learn from your leadership team and shadow the best inside sales reps to see how they work their magic.

Marketing is your best friend

The worst salespeople see marketers as just coworkers. Coworkers get in their way and prevent the sales team from achieving their goals. Now there will always be tension between marketing and sales when it comes to inside sales reps, but the best approach is different.

The best sales reps know that when sales and marketing work together, great things can happen. In general, marketing provides sales with leads, and the quality of those leads is critical for success.

So if sales is keeping marketing in the loop with everything, and even gives them credit when a good lead comes through, that is what will make the quality of leads improve over time.

When sales only complain about marketing, this is when a grudge starts to form. Don’t let that happen in your company or team.

Real-Time sales coaching software can actually make a difference

Now, this is a game-changer. If you haven’t heard of real-time sales coaching software, don’t worry you’re in the right place. From years of being sales reps, this is what drove us to find what’s next in the sales world. Real-time sales coaching software gives you live tips while on the call with a prospect based on what the prospect is saying.

It’s incredible, you can learn and improvise as you need but you’ll never get off track, and software like Abstrakt will help you win even more deals.

Mark this down as one of the best inside sales secrets that you’ve heard in a long time.

Even more inside sales secrets

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