Top 7 Sales Podcasts

Top 7 Sales Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage today, as evident by the influx of sales podcasts that fill our daily LinkedIn feeds.

We’re guilty too. We host our own podcast.

What’s even crazier, is the possibility of a listener base of podcasts being considered valuable enough for someone to acquire it. That’s insane to think, but audio has become the new version of reading a book over the years.

Considering that SiriusXM recently threw down $150M to buy Conan Obrien’s podcast, Everyone Needs a Friend, if your company isn’t hosting its own podcast you are likely missing out on an influential channel. Hosting a podcast can help build your brand and potential IP that translates to dollars in the future.

That being said, our Top 7 Sales Books blog post was so popular we thought it might be helpful to point you in the direction of 7 sales podcasts that you should check out! 

Top 7 Podcasts

1. Jordan B Peterson Podcast

This one might be a bit controversial depending upon the audience or persona reading this blog post.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian Psychologist who has gained popularity (especially amongst male listeners) for his cultural and political views. Now, why is this being mentioned on a list of sales podcasts?

Well, it’s because some of his most well known podcasts surround topics related to the price of success (and would you be willing to pay that price?) Success in sales corresponds to oftentimes being willing to do what others are simply not willing to do.

Are you willing to respond to emails outside of work hours? Are you willing to respond to inbound leads on a weekend?

The price of success might be more than any one person is willing to pay, and Jordan Peterson offers up some interesting critiques around success and those who have paid the price to be at the top of their game. If you want to challenge yourself psychologically, give Jordan Peterson a listen.

2. Jocco Willink Podcast

On a podcast we hosted previouslyI asked our guest, Kevin Dorsey, if he could only take one book from the shelf behind him which one would it be?

That question got me thinking, and ultimately my answer would be Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink which has turned me into a huge fan of his podcast.

The profession of sales is really one of the only professions where success or failure is predicated by the level of effort and energy given by the sales representative. Jocko’s podcast gives a lot of examples, mainly driven by stories from Jocko’s time in the military but are easily transposed into everyday life and will give you helpful sales tips.

When one’s first reaction is to admit fault, it automatically gives that individual the responsibility to change the outcome and learn from the mistake. Every lost deal, every missing meeting, every incorrect proposal is a chance to improve when ownership is not deflected to someone else.

3. A Bit of Optimism – Simon Sinek Podcast

The second book on that list would definitely be Start With Why (f I was allowed to pick 2).

Naturally, being a fan of his written work led me to his podcasts which I consume on a daily basis. In sales, having a driving force or north star to point your actions towards is super helpful. In Simon’s podcasts he often finds related scenarios that outline why having a clear “why” helps impact career direction and decisions.

For example, in sales having a “why” of making money is usually not enough to sustain effort for a prolonged period of time. Now, take that a level deeper and having a “why” of being able to buy a house to keep your family safe is something that will naturally pull anyone to consistent action.

4. Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins in a lot of ways laid the foundation for what sales podcasts, or just really podcasts in general, have become today. The genesis of self help, motivational, success type podcasts is probably pretty rooted in Tony Robbins career.

There are a lot of similarities between Tony, Jocco and others but ultimately the main theme for Tony is all about personal empowerment. In sales, more than half the battle (I would argue like 90%) is won just by being confident in oneself.

Tony’s podcasts serve as a great reminder that success is an outcome delivered from years and years of beating on your craft, which result in confidence during execution.

5. Sales Hacker Podcast

Sales Hacker really laid the foundation for podcasts in the B2B sales industry today. It is full of sales tips!

Anyone who is serious about success in B2B sales sees this podcast as an invaluable resource to leverage as they regularly host the best of the best sales and thought leaders to drop knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb.

If you aren’t subscribed to Sales Hacker’s podcast, and you are in B2B sales, you are missing out!

6. Hey Salespeople

A list of sales podcasts would not be complete without the one formly hosted by Jeremey Donovan, formerly SVP of Revenue Strategy at Salesloft. Jeremy has moved on to EVP of Sales & Customer Success at Insight Partners.

This podcast focuses on topics backed by research often performed via LinkedIn polls to drive best practice discussions.

If you like your podcasts to be filled with little tidbits of research elements, then this podcast is for you.

7. Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount’s People Follow You book was one of the first sales books I ever read, and from that moment on I was hooked on Sales Gravy’s approach to sales and leadership. Sales tips galore in this podcast.

One of the best parts of Sales Gravy’s content (specifically their podcasts) is that I can always walk away with an action item, something tactical I can immediately try and use. I never walk away from an episode and ask myself “What was it I am supposed to do with this information?”

I think that’s really key in today’s world where the competition for headspace is so tough.

The World of Sales Podcasts

As anyone who has read our blogs, or listened to our podcasts knows that sales is just as much about personal drive and motivation as it is about sales skills.

That’s why any list of podcasts aspiring B2B sales professionals subscribe to should include a mix of sales strategies and personal growth and development. Plus you can get our top sales books!

Definitely subscribe to each and every one of these on our top 7 sales podcast list!


Tiffany Williams - SDR

Before joining Abstrakt, Tiffany had a very successful career as a Physical Therapist. As someone who selflessly looks to serve others, she is always looking to help her prospects by helping them understand how technology can enable their success.