What do Insurance, Recruitment, SaaS, and Contact Centers have in common?

What do Insurance, Recruitment, SaaS, and Contact Centers have in common - Call Coaching Software

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck do Insurance, Recruitment, SaaS, and Contact Centers have in common. And tell me right away otherwise I’m not reading this blog post.

Fine. Those 4 industries have something in common – reps or agents are always on the phone!

So what does this mean and why am I still reading this?

Well, if you have a team of people always on the phone, we hope you have some type of call coaching tool.

What is Call Coaching Software?

Hopefully, most of you currently use call coaching, but for those that do not, we’ll dive into the details.

Call coaching software is an AI-driven tool that allows your team to either practice before the call, get live coaching on the call, or receive insights after the call.

Most software does not do all three of those mentioned above, it generally has one or two of the items. So you have to decide what are the most important features for your team.

Real-time call coaching software is the NEW emerging technology that reps and agents can use while they are live on the call. It blows pre-and post-call software out of the water (aka conversational intelligence tools).

For example, If you’re in the recruiting world, how important is it that you 100% focus on the conversation happening? You don’t want to lose focus while trying to scribble notes and miss something important that was said. The client is relying on you!

That’s where the post-call and even real-time transcription come into effect. All a part of call coaching software.

Why does my team need Call Coaching Software?

How much time do you or your manager spend listening to calls? How much actual coaching do you give your team? Or do you even find yourself role playing the same things over and over again?

If you find yourself or your manager spending too much time on administrative tasks instead of leading your team, then you need to try call coaching software… specifically one that is Real-Time.

Or you think you have the best sales playbooks, but for some reason your team doesn’t follow them. Call coaching software helps make sure reps and agents never miss a qualifying question again!

One more example because why not?!? Let’s say you’re in the insurance field and customer service is a top priority. Allowing your agents to be real people on the phone with personalities is what provides the best customer service. No longer do they need to be completely scripted. This software will guide them with talking points.

What makes Real-Time Call Coaching different?

All call coaching software is great, but there is something special about REAL-TIME. No more practicing before a call then forgetting what to do in the moment. No more dwelling on the mistakes made after the call when you missed an important question to qualify the prospect.

Real-time happens in the moment. Conversational intelligence happens after. Role playing happens before.
We promise that real-time call coaching software is a game-changer and will boost your sales, customer service, and overall team performance.

Where do I start?

First off, there are a LOT of competitors in the SaaS industry selling all kinds of tools – like conversational intelligence, the best sales playbook creation software, etc.

But we suggest your start here with Abstrakt.

Where we say Real-Time Coaching in just 0.2 seconds. And we mean it!

Book a demo and see what the difference is between REAL-TIME and pre-and post-call analytics.

None of our customers have ever gone back. Sure, they complement their tech stack. But their number one software is real-time call coaching software.


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