How to be an Effective Storyteller (and increase your sales!)

Larry Long teaches how to be an effective story teller

Larry Long with his golden microphone talked with us about “How to be an effective storyteller” and how that helps you increase sales while on cold calls, in meetings, or on demos. He teaches how to stay relevant and work with your prospect to better understand the message SDR’s are trying to convey.

Here’s an excerpt: “I would say you can’t afford *not* to tell stories now in a cold call. We have to use common sense. But essentially, we want to be relevant and relatable. It’s very easy to say “Hey Greg, I was talking to John who’s just like you were right down the road in Arizona. John and I were speaking about this challenge… have you faced that at all?” Now I’m able to relate now that I’m sharing this story. I’m giving the intro and I’m trying to pique your interest and from there it’s either “hey tell me more” or “I pity the fool”.”

Successful Sales Teams need to remember that stories tie into emotion, and emotion ultimately drives behavior. Buyers use logic to justify their emotions. Sales cycles shorten when SDRs can demonstrate that they *know* the buyer, by being able to provide relevant customer stories quickly, such as in a cold call scenario.

What are you doing as a sales professional to understand how to deploy customer stories?


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