improving sales through real-time call intelligence

Improving Sales Through Real-Time Call Intelligence

Real-Time Call Intelligence Software delivers coaching and prompts at the critical moment

Moore’s law states that every 18 months, computer processing speed doubles. ABSTRAKT launched to the world after it is in development for just over a year. Our real-time call intelligence software was no longer just a dream. The Proof of Concept (Conversational Intelligence Software sales coaching delivered at the exact moment the tips are needed most) to validate the tech could be built was brand new; the many uses and possibilities were starting to become realized.

As someone who has heard for years now the importance of not taking on technical debt, I had to scratch my head and wonder… how is this even going to be possible? The product neared completion and ran the potential of being outdated. The coding languages, cloud platforms, and microservices along the way were all decided upon at a time when the rate of processing power was almost twice as slow.

Why does this matter?

Call Intelligence Software viewed by the market as a “must-have” is already out of date. Sales teams need to look at the next wave of tech to beat out the competition. 

On the flip side of that, too much reliance on technology can hurt us. Sarah Connor and SkyNet taught us that. Humans are creatures that thrive in environments supported by social structure, interaction, and collective struggle. At the time of this writing, our world has been forced into isolation to combat a global pandemic. The need for human-to-human contact is more important than ever.

Technology shouldn’t replace humans; it helps us to do our jobs better. Buying today is no longer B2B, it is H2H (Human to Human) because that is what we need more than ever right now, human experiences. 

Call Intelligence software should be just that…

Intelligent enough to know when to apply technology, but flexible enough to allow the human element to shine through. Sellers winning in the environment today show their human side, and companies aren’t trying to shut it down. It is GLORIOUS. From my first day in sales as a Sales Development Representative stumbling through cold calls, I have heard from the most successful reps, “sales is part science, and part art”.

To not take advantage of the science (specifically psychology, mathematics, engineering) or to neglect the art of knowing how to navigate unique scenarios would be a disservice to the profession of sales. A scientific paper names its summary as the paper’s “Abstract”, a summary of the important parts of the work. One of the most influential artists in American Art history is a gentleman by the name of Jackson Pollock, whose famous artwork can only be described as “abstract”. Call Intelligence Software should be equal parts of messy splatter paint and equal parts science. 

What Why & How?

What factors make Call Intelligence Software stand out? Why is it so different from some of the reactive, call analytics tools on the market today? How does it really help teams lose fewer deals? 

1.  Call Intelligence Software Listens.

Call Intelligence Software delivers sales coaching and provides prompts at the exact moment they are needed. Taking advantage of the advancements in technology, real-time software should be able to listen to the different ways words are used and choreographed together to make recommendations when and where it makes sense.  

2.  Moments Matter!

Successful sales teams understand the flow a conversation needs to take and the data that needs to be captured. As a Sales Leader, what if you could instantly point to where within a conversation the agenda was missed, or signing authority was skipped? No more listening to call recordings to figure out what information slipped through the cracks! Conversational Intelligence Software should deliver this on a silver platter, making follow-up with prospects much quicker. 

3.  Software that Coaches.

What if, as a Sales Leader, your software could tell you that using a certain competitive response over another helps improve win rates over that competitor by xx% every time? What if the software helped you identify adjustments needed to make to your cold calling scripts? Any label, using the word “intelligence” should describe products that help make the user more intelligent. 

4.  Understands the Need for change.

Sales leaders and reps today have a plethora of tools available to help them communicate with their customers, and we know it is important to meet our prospects in the channels they like to engage in. Slack, Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, RingCentral, and a hundred other tools are being used today. As company priorities change, sometimes tools change. Real-time Software provides call intelligence, ready to adapt to that change, instantly working across any platform a company uses today. Sales Development Representatives start their day dialing on RingCentral, then a prospect asks to be called via Teams, then they are doing a handoff on Zoom… the software should seamlessly flow through them all without effort. 

Shortening the Distance to Success

I decided to try and get into Sales Leadership, and as such, I sought out mentors. The mentors that I hoped to learn from were those who had “been there, done that before”. One of those leaders said something that has stuck with me every day since. “The best sales leaders are the ones who can coach each rep individually while getting them to buy into a single, agreed-upon process that everyone follows.” That is exactly what Conversational Intelligence Software does… It doesn’t force a rep into a box, but rather sets a guideline to follow and when needed, provides direction and process.

When every rep in the company is responding to an objection, in the same way, it becomes very easy to understand if it’s the right objection handling technique. Every rep is using the same discovery framework for outbound meetings in the length of time it takes to understand its effectiveness is no longer months, but just weeks! The best part is… there’s no longer the need to listen to hours of calls to figure out if it’s being used or not.

Long Story Short

Call Intelligence Software should do the work for you, after all… that is why we buy software, to help us do a job. We are buying it for the job to be done.

ABSTRAKT offers Real-Time Conversational Coaching software. Our software provides the right sales information at the right time, live on the sales call or demo presentation.


John Bunting - CTO

After being told "no, this can't be built" by 30+ other potential Technology leaders, John was the first person who said "let's try and build this!" when approached with the idea of Abstrakt. John started his career building computer games, and now builds Enterprise A.I. Software solutions.