Knowing Who You Are, What You Want, and Having a Plan to Get There

Ashley Zagst

Some go far into their careers, or lives even, not knowing who they are or what they want to do. Listen in as Ashley Zagst a Sales Leader at Chili Piper and Greg Reffner, CEO, ABSTRAKT. Here’s an excerpt: 

“You want to take ownership of what’s wrong. Whether it be personally or creating an environment where you’re facilitating people being open to taking ownership of what’s going onLearn from your pain. I think pain is a valuable teacher in life and I know it’s not always fun in the moment. But as we learn from it, we can make sure to not experience again and we can also help others not experience that same pain and then third, we are all just a bag of bones.

Most importantly, be who you are, know what you want, and make a plan for how to get it.”

Powerful stuff. 

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