Building with the Buyers Journey in Mind

Building with the Buyers Journey in Mind

Listen as Guirae Jang and Greg Reffner talk about Building with the Buyers Journey in Mind. They discuss the buyer, their processes, and pain points to fully understand the needs of the relationship needs and give it the care it needs whether by the Sales Development Rep or the Account Management team.

Organizations always talk about aligning sales motions to the buyer’s journey, but it’s often easier said than done. Listen as examples are discussed that actually define and visualize this journey as well as these other topics of interest: 

  • the importance of staying focused on the ICP
  • how to drive internal alignment
  • how to create a feedback loop when your team is prospecting
  • How much time is needed to fully verify/validate assumptions?


Greg Reffner - CEO

As one of the very first power users of Conversational Intelligence as an Account Executive, Greg fell in love with how technology enabled his success. As Abstrakt's leader, his vision and "why" is to help every sales rep and leader avoid the pain of missing their number.