The Future of the Software Sales Rep

The Future of the Software Sales Rep

ABSTRAKT had the pleasure of discussing the future of the Software Sales Rep with Aspireship’s CEO Corey Kossack. Are you intrinsically motivated? Where are you in your career progression? In software sales, that can mean a large difference. Also knowing what you want and why. According to Corey “In terms of seeing how forceful the sales process is…. we’ll give you clues about whether or not there’s fit in the market and that’s before even looking at like ‘are they on G2?”

“If you legitimately have what it takes and you’re willing to continue learning and continue, continue pushing your own boundaries so that you keep improving, you can humble yourself and no matter who you are and what you come from, know that.”


Greg Reffner - CEO

As one of the very first power users of Conversational Intelligence as an Account Executive, Greg fell in love with how technology enabled his success. As Abstrakt's leader, his vision and "why" is to help every sales rep and leader avoid the pain of missing their number.