Value selling is not just in sales

ValueSelling is not just about Sales

Carlos Nouche, Vice President at Visualize shared his methodology around “ValueSelling”, as is defined by him and his company. Companies are made up of many departments all working together with one central goal. How does valueselling apply to departments like Product Management, Sales Engineering, Channel? Where do things like titles come into play when building persona-based prompts such as playbooks and sales call frameworks?

Getting hands-on for our listeners, we dove into a great discussion on Carlos’ Qualified Prospects Formula and talked about the number one mistake companies make when “qualifying” their pipeline.

How can organizations avoid poorly qualifying their sales pipeline?


Greg Reffner - CEO

As one of the very first power users of Conversational Intelligence as an Account Executive, Greg fell in love with how technology enabled his success. As Abstrakt's leader, his vision and "why" is to help every sales rep and leader avoid the pain of missing their number.