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No minimum number of licenses, no platform fees, no more being reactive.

We get it, your tech stack is packed! Contact and Database Intelligence, Engagement tools, Revenue and Conversational Intelligence, CRMs, Dialers, Video Conferencing, Navigator… The problem is, none of these actually help in the moment, when it is needed the most. 

Heads Up Display (HUD) User

$ 100

Per User/Month
  • Real-Time Recommended Responses
  • Real-Time Frameworks
  • Real-Time Access to Post Call Transcript and Reporting
  • No Integrations Needed - Just a computer
  • Unlimited Usage
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Admin User

$ 0

Per User/Month
  • Recommended Response Builder
  • Framework Builder
  • Individual and Team Analysis & Reporting
  • Real-Time access to ALL calls seconds after they are over
  • Never having to be reactive again
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How is ABSTRAKT helping?

Emilia Clarke
Director, Sales Development
Real-Time In-Call Coaching and Analytics. The ability to ramp our SDRs quickly and get them to a productive level has been impressive.
Emilia Clarke
Sales Manager
We love the ability to give our reps real-time coaching. Our sales team was quick to adopt Abstrakt and is quickly becoming a staple of our enablement strategy for the future.
// By the numbers

In sales, the numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 78%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate Against competitors 69%
Avg % Increase in Qualified Opportunities 92%
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