Reactive Conversational Intelligence is Dead

UP UNTIL NOW, Call Recording TOOLS only allowed reps to be REACTIVE.

Built by reps
for reps

With ABSTRAKT, reactivity is a thing of the past.
No more slow ramping reps, or missed forecasts.

Say hello to your
Real-time Sales Coach

ABSTRAKT provides sales departments exactly what they need when they need it.

With ABSTRAKT, you always have your sales coach.

Heads Up Display

Provides reps with frameworks to follow up based upon scenario

Objection Handling

Instantly delivers reps with proven ways to overcome objections

Instant Analysis

No more waiting for the call to be analyzed. Insights are delivered immediately.

Ready to start building a repeatable sales process?

How you handle a demo request discovery should be different from how a cold prospected discovery is handled. Either way, ABSTRAKT has you covered with proven frameworks to use:

Inbound Framework

Prospects are drawn to your organization (likely already have done their research). How you engage with them needs to reflect this. Using our Inbound Framework, you can manage a sales calls that acknowledges where your buyer is at in their process. 

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Outbound Framework

Your SDR team struggled to book the meeting, now they are on the sales call. Acknowledging they might not even know they have a problem is key. Using our Outbound Framework, you can guide your prospect through a journey that acknowledges where they are at in their journey. 

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With ABSTRAKT, ensure every rep is a quota buster in record time.

Regardless of the physical location of the Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and the rest of the organization, ABSTRAKT helps teams ramp-up faster, by literally duplicating your top performers. Through real-time call intelligence and coaching, ABSTRAKT provides your customized framework for calls, and cues that guide every call. You decide which critical call details are important, and then we deliver those to you, in an “ABSTRAKT”. The process is consistent, the science is proven, and the outcome is predictable.

ABSTRAKT is agile, just like you

What happens when your prospect sends you a Google Hangout meeting, and your call recording tool doesn’t pick it up? That coaching opportunity is lost… Until now. Whether you are prospecting through your computer dialer, hosting a video call… doesn’t matter. Abstrakt is always with you, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

What if you could clone your top performer in weeks?

Abstrakt enables a brand-new sales rep with minimal training to run a call and gather information that would normally take months or years to obtain. New and tenured reps can effectively use (and be reminded of) information available on:

Tenured sales representatives benefit by being able to cast a wider net, selling additional products and services to the customer or prospect.

How does ABSTRAKT work?

We don’t have an integrations page, because all it would say is “yes”. Whether you are cold prospecting, hosting a video call on Hangouts or Zoom, ABSTRAKT is always with you. Simply take these steps within our application to begin ensuring every ramp is crushing quota.

How do I get it?

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