When your sales team struggles to meet quota

when sales teams struggles to meet quota

Meeting sales quotas

While your Sales Team struggles to meet quotas, there are conversation intelligence tools that literally could not only save their jobs but exceed quotas.

Annual revenue goals met. Customer attrition issues solved. Conversation intelligence needs to be “live”, not post-call analytics, but “real-time conversation intelligence”.

Sales teams are struggling to book meetings and now one of your less seasoned reps is on a sales call.

Right now.

What do you do?

Sit back idly and hope the training you earnestly provided for them pays off?

Or do you whisper “no, don’t say that, say THIS” trying to get their attention before they screw up and lose the deal before it even started?

Maybe write notes down on sticky notes and wave them around will help?

I know what most Sales Leaders do, sadly.

They sit back, wait for the call to end, wait for the call to process (several hours is the latest research on how long it is taking), listen to the call, sit down with the SDR, and review what went wrong.

Sales Coaching & Validation

Today’s sales managers face a lot of pressure with their quotas and it is unlikely that they will make them throughout the next year with only 57% of reps making theirs.

In order to increase productivity, it’s important for these leaders to know the tricks of the trade and earn their employees’ attention – focusing on long-term objectives, short-term tactics, and other activities that will pay off in the future.

As a sales leader, your top priority is to support your team by taking the lead on getting deals across the line. Try to be an encourager rather than too aggressive yourself. This ensures there are opportunities for sales coaching and validation for your team members.

Conversation intelligence allows you to build strong, authentic relationships with your customers. These interactions can be influential and help grow awareness of your brand, creating a centralized source of truth for the way that teams like yours create, manage, and engage with key stakeholders. Explore the data and insights you’ll find below to provide inspiration for better stakeholder relationships.

Revenue Teams perform best when they use Conversation Intelligence to keep track of every important point in every customer interaction. Real-time sales coaching creates a centralized source of truth for your sales team. By providing them timely intel, and knowing everything they’ve done in the past, you’ll be able to focus on the future. Explore the data and insights to see how exploring can affect your business in a positive way.

Conversational intelligence software is a great tool to improve the success of your sales team. But it needs to be supported by focusing on factors that are holding them back. This way, the value of this software extends beyond increased individual efficiency and benefits the company as a whole.

Our software was designed to augment the sales process by improving more than just your ability to close a deal. We can also identify and solve what is causing your team’s failures in winning new deals. It can be difficult for sales reps to know how to improve.

They can help them understand why they fail & provide guidance on what to do about it.

In the Heat of the Moment

Conversation intelligence enables higher levels of readiness by providing insights from real-world buyer interactions to create a personalized training program that addresses skill gaps and maximizes sales. Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog written about “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” by seasoned sales leader Mike Murdock.

“A Sales manager comments in a year-end review about a specific account that was not closed. The manager is quick to offer comments and suggestions on how you could have done something different to successfully close the deal. It is easy for the manager to focus on that last meeting and determine where the errors were made. The manager concludes that the decisions made at the end were the reason for the lack of success.

 Even though the last minute and final plays are always analyzed the most, there are many plays and decisions along the way that have meaningful effect. A turnover early in the game could change the players or coaches attitude and affect his decision making for the rest of the game. A penalty or injury early could cause the coaches to change the game plan or rely on a different player than expected.”

Mike’s right.  

Nobody likes the Monday morning quarterback approach. It is those who can calmly make the decisions in the heat of the moment that become the most successful.

A successful outcome for a salesman has to start with the first meetings and getting insight along the way instead of after it is too late.

Optimized Customer Touchpoints

While your Sales Team struggles to meet quota, there are conversation intelligence tools that literally could not only save their jobs. Across the revenue lifecycle from Sales Development Representative to Account Executive through to Account Management and Customer Success, Abstrakt ensures each customer touchpoint is consistent and optimized for successful outcomes. Our Real-time conversational intelligence software actively coaches your team to ensure your customer always receives a best-in-class sales experience.

Abstrakt Software is helping to redefine the conversation intelligence market. We offer real-time conversational coaching software as an alternative to reactive analytics via call recording solutions. Our AI technology delivers Real-Time conversational coaching, empowering teams to deliver on their goals without having to wait until the next call review session.

Abstrakt’s job is to help decrease ramp timelines, decrease loss rates, and replicate Top Performers.

Abstrakt was specifically designed to be agile, and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies – no integrations or phone systems are required, ever.