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cold calling scripts

Why your reps don’t need cold calling scripts

Your reps don’t need cold calling scripts, your reps need call frameworks. Have you ever heard someone jump for joy when you say “here is a script” or worse, have you ever heard someone scripted and said, “Wow, now I really feel a connection to this rep”? Odds are you have not. So I would assert that we should leave scripts to actors and take a more practical approach with sales teams. Some of you might be asking “what’s the difference”… well, the difference between a cold calling script and a Framework is that the framework is more of a shortened version of a talk track or snippets of information that can be worked into a natural conversation.

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alueSelling is not just about Sales When Building Sales Call Frameworks

ValueSelling is not just about Sales

Companies are made up of many departments all working together with one central goal. How does valueselling apply to departments like Product Management, Sales Engineering, Channel? Where do things like titles come into play when building persona-based prompts such as playbooks and sales call frameworks?

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call intelligence platform

Top 7 Sales Books

It is often said that a book is the best way to enter the mind of someone who has spent more time researching and studying a particular field than you will ever have. This is because a book will provide you with information on the subject without any personal opinion or preference on the matter, and as such is one of the most reliable sources of knowledge available to people. Just like a new sales representative beginning onboarding, and logging into a call intelligence platform to review calls; books provide insight and knowledge from those who have been there before.

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Conversational Intelligence Platforms and Introvert SDRs

Why Introverts Make the Best Sales Reps

Organizations that look to scale, should start to see the power of introverts in a sales culture because many introverted traits can be found in some of the most successful sales reps. One trait that is especially powerful is listening, which can help create rapport with clients. Another key trait is being able to synthesize ideas internally, which can help make for better solutions and keep an internal dialogue open with oneself. It is well documented that when it comes to things like talk/listen ratio that listening more, usually results in a win. Conversational intelligence platforms and call intelligence software clearly showcase this metric. Introverts listen more than they talk, talking a lot doesn’t help winning… Where is the disconnect?

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Hiring the right SDR

5 Signs to Help You Hire The Right SDR

You probably already know that the SDR position is one of the highest churn positions in the sales industry… not that any position in sales is super great for retention. And that is understandable. It’s a tough position that requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But that said, when hiring the right SDR it is critical that they want for sales to be a career. This doesn’t mean that someone cannot “grow” into the position, but they certainly need to have some aspiration for promotion and career progression. Without some type of determination to move further into a sales career, many SDRs will fail in the first week of prospecting.

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conversational intelligence software

Don’t Trash Your Competition

Leveraging real time call coaching software, as opposed to traditional conversational intelligence platform systems, helps provide sales representatives with talk tracks that make them seem like they are a pro and ready, on day one!

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ABSTRAKT offers Real-Time Conversational Coaching software. Our software provides the right information at the right time, live on the call or demo.

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