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Your Next Move: Trends & Tech for BPOs and Financial Services in 2024

  • How BPOs & companies can become more efficient
  • Setting the stage for AI
  • Who should be financially responsible when it comes to adding new tech?
  • Creating a game plan

smrtPhone + Abstrakt Partner Showcase

  • See how the smrtPhone integration seamlessly works with Abstrakt
  • Walk through of Abstrakt’s app and web portal
  • Audience Q&A for real estate and financial services sectors

How Integrated Deployment of AI can Improve the Customer Experience

  • Advancements in AI for contact centers and the challenges they address
  • Key benefits for contact center operations and customer engagement
  • Questions you should be asking *Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Discovery: How to run a sales call that doesn’t feel like a sales call

  • Why vs. How Questions
  • McDonald’s Questions *Would you like small or medium fries?
  • Use of Slides (basically never)
  • When and How to Multi-Thread

Masterclass: Objection Handling During A Recession

  • You have zero room for error when selling in a recession
  • Sales is a transfer of belief
  • Learn to be disarmingly blunt
  • How to be very specific & ask for what you want
  • Say goodbye to monologues and hit the damn mute button

Spend Less Time Coaching: A counterintuitive (and proven) approach to finishing Q4 strong

  • How to build an anti-fragile sales team
  • Building a self-coaching cultured
  • Using data to diagnose and anticipate problems
  • Delivering world-class coaching for your team (that scales)
  • Strategies for a strong Q4 finish

Cold Calling: From reluctant to confident

  • Imposing your beliefs on your prospects (and why not to do it)
  • The prep matters most – aka Return of the Mack
  • How to handle 91% of objections
  • The best cold call opener doesn’t exist

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