Navigate the complexity of Compliance & QA

Abstrakt helps you turn things like this…

  • Only a small percentage of calls are reviewed or scored, hoping the rest fall within compliance standards.
  • Waiting hours or days for a call to be processed or available for review and scoring it off an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Finding out after the fact instead of real-time when a compliance issue occurs.

Into results like this

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How Customer Acquisition Group reduced QA time by 83%

Abstrakt has drastically changed Customer Acquisition Group’s (CAG) QA process by allowing its QA team to be more efficient and effective.

What used to take one hour of monitoring calls, now takes 10 minutes using Abstrakt.

Plus, CAG agents were able to increase their Sales Per Hour (SPH) by 300% within a week after using Abstrakt.

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Just look at the results

Decrease in QA Time

Decrease in Ramp Time

Increase in CSAT Scores

Real-time agent assist & guidance

Playbooks & scripts are launched based on who your team is speaking with and react immediately to their behavior.

Recommended responses are instantly triggered (in 0.2 seconds), based on the challenges or objections thrown your team’s way.

No more whispers or barging, it’s time for real-time call guidance.

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QA & compliance with a human touch

Have you ever thought about solving compliance risks before they happen?

Abstrakt identifies and addresses QA issues in real-time while your agents are on the phone.

Plus Abstrakt provides reporting that is aligned with your business outcomes.

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Call sentiment & summary

Easily sort by call sentiment to review the overall experience your customers or prospects have on the call.

This eliminates subjectivity while removing after-call work for agents.

Plus you can configure your notifications based on what is important to you.

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Post-call analytics

Receive real-time conversational intelligence reporting details to see what leads to the call outcomes your business is looking to achieve.

Know exactly what your best agents are doing and how to replicate it instantly.

With Abstrakt, agents’ post-call work is cut in half. See how automation can improve your team’s efficiency.

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Post-call automation

With Abstrakt, agents’ post-call work is cut in half as the call summary and notes get automatically added into your CRM.

The call summary and notes are automatically generated, removing agent bias and subjectivity.

See how Abstrakt’s post-call automation can improve your team’s efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We use customer-configured playbooks and recommended responses to guide the agents.

You can leverage AI to have Abstrakt make recommendations, but under no circumstances will agents be presented with content to use that has yet to be approved by you.

Unlike other vendors that charge extra or set a limit on this; we will retain your call data for the length of time you are a customer.

This is included in the cost of your agreement with us.

Abstrakt offers PCI/PHI/PII masking for the transcript and audio file for every call.

Our customers can choose to enable this with the click of a button.

Abstrakt was built to give you time back in your day.