Navigate the complexity of Compliance & QA

Abstrakt helps you turn things like this…

  • Only a small percentage of calls are reviewed or scored, hoping the rest fall within compliance standards.
  • Waiting hours or days for a call to be processed or available for review and scoring it off an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Finding out after the fact instead of real-time when a compliance issue occurs.

Into results like this

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How Customer Acquisition Group reduced QA time by 83%

Abstrakt has drastically changed Customer Acquisition Group’s (CAG) QA process by allowing its QA team to be more efficient and effective.

What used to take one hour of monitoring calls, now takes 10 minutes using Abstrakt.

Plus, CAG agents were able to increase their Sales Per Hour (SPH) by 300% within a week after using Abstrakt.

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Why our customers continue to use Abstrakt


Improve manager & agent operations

Achieve 100% coverage and close the loop between QA, coaching, and training all within one platform.


Nothing slips through the cracks

Manual QA is exhausting. Abstrakt allows you to automate QA & compliance but with a human touch.


Solve QA issues before they occur

Managers receive notifications via Slack or Teams in real-time when an issue occurs.

Abstrakt was built to give you time back in your day.