Hello Real-Time. Goodbye Reactive.

Real-Time Call Coaching Software

You can’t win deals if your reps can’t get past the first call. Stop wasting your time with reactive post-call analytics.

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Reps Forgetting to Ask Qualifying Questions?
Reps Incorrectly Handling Objections?
Post Call Analysis Taking Too Long to Process?
// Stop Losing Winnable Revenue

Built To Solve Your Problems

Real-Time Call
Coaching Software

In minutes, configure playbooks, scripts, and call structures based upon your proven approach. Plus Improve ramp time of new reps as your playbooks will deploy based on each call.

Conversational Intelligence Redefined

No more waiting until the opportunity is lost to make a change. With real-time recommended responses, reps are no longer reactive on calls or demos. Give your reps the ability to win more.

Real-Time Call

Receive transcripts and insights within seconds after the call is over so reps can input the info into your CRM immediately. This allows the focus to be on listening, rather than scribbling notes.

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How is Abstrakt helping?

Emilia Clarke
Blue Signal Search
CEO & Founder
If companies can leverage Abstrakt's software, wow, it’s like getting a steroid shot in your sales cycle that will really help you get to that next level.
Emilia Clarke
Sales Manager
We love the ability to give our reps real-time coaching. Our sales team was quick to adopt Abstrakt and is quickly becoming a staple of our enablement strategy for the future.
// By the numbers

In Sales, the Numbers Speak for Themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 78%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate Against competitors 69%
Avg % Increase in Qualified Opportunities 92%
// Real-Time call coaching software

How Abstrakt Works

1. No coding, no training. Our sales coaching platform allows you to build your Playbooks & Recommended Responses in minutes.

2. Create your team and assign them to the different Playbooks.

3. Have your team install Abstrakt on their computer (MAC or Windows) in just a few minutes.

4. Abstrakt works with your existing tech stack (doesn’t matter what you use)!

5. Start making calls!

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