// Hello Real-Time. goodbye reactive.

Automated QA & Compliance

Get complete visibility to all of your calls in REAL-TIME.
Abstrakt tells you which calls fall out of compliance and where your team needs coaching.

Automated QA & Compliance

Abstrakt is just like a QA employee, but better. Imagine a world where software told you which calls needed to be listened to and which parts of the call needed to be addressed.

Script Adherence

In uncertain times, every conversation has the power to make or break your brand. Give your team the tools they need to succeed with real-time call coaching software.

Real-Time Results

You don’t need data scientists, long onboarding processes, or expensive integrations. Abstrakt provides real-time operational efficiency through live, real-time call coaching.

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Rated #1 by G2 for Likelihood to Recommend


From top of funnel prospecting to account level customer success, Abstrakt helps you book more meetings, achieve net-negative churn, and reduce overall administrative work.


Abstrakt’s real-time capabilities give agents the freedom and advantage to win more quotes, process claims more efficiently with automated QA, and provide an excellent customer experience.

Financial Services

Where every conversation has the power to make or break your brand, you can't leave them up for chance. Abstrakt tells you exactly which calls fall out of compliance without having to listen to every call.


When every conversation impacts your bottom line, missing critical information is not acceptable. Get more placements, never miss a referral, and get your transcripts and call notes within seconds.

// Fastest Real-Time Software

8 Reasons Why It's Worth It

1. With recommended responses, never miss an objection or handle a question incorrectly again.

2. With automated playbooks, always know the right talking points or compliance statements based on the situation your team finds themselves in.

3. Automated QA and data entry ensure you always have a record of every conversation.

4. Audio recordings paired with searchable transcripts allow you to find everything you ever need (without the use of multiple systems).

5. Instantly know which calls need to be reviewed for QA or compliance issues.

6. We intentionally use the word configurable, your team could be up and running in days.

7. According to G2, we’re ranked #1 when it comes to Customer Support.

8. Because it just plain works.

// From Reps to Leaders

Automatically scores 100% of calls

Sales Leaders
Boost your team’s meetings booked, improve win rate, and allow managers to spend more time with your reps instead of listening to calls. Hello to Real-Time Coaching software in 0.2 seconds (yes, you read that right!). Goodbye to listening to every call or role playing the same issues over and over again.
All of your qualifying questions, playbooks, and battlecards are provided live on every call for you. No more flipping through notes or forgetting how to overcome an objection. Boost your numbers, save time, improve win rates, and provide an overall better experience on the phone as you’ll be 100% focused on the customer or prospect.
Frontline Managers
Tired of role playing the same thing? Or maybe you need software that can be on every call so you don’t have to be? With Abstrakt, recommended responses are given to reps/agents live on the call to get reps back on track if they get flustered. Plus insights, call scoring, and transcript are provided instantly after the call is over.
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