The origin of Abstrakt

From rep to manager and higher, Greg has spent his fair share of time on the phone. 

But in the not-so-distant past, call coaching was done very differently. “Barging” and “whispering” were common.

This evolved into conversational intelligence and post-call analytics.

However, it was still reliant on an unsustainable ratio of agent to manager while also being “reactive”.

One day, he was using SIRI to talk to his wife about naming their firstborn child and a thought popped into his mind, “If my phone can react this quickly to my voice, why can’t a computer react in real-time while on a call?” 

A couple of months later, Abstrakt was born with a very simple V1.

So why did we pick the name Abstrakt…

From Platform Inception to Present
founder story

What does Abstrakt mean anyway?

When most people hear the word abstract, they immediately think of a genre or type of art.

But most people don’t know that an abstract is also the summary of a scientific paper.

Part art. Part science. It worked perfectly for us.

We wanted a name describing how our product allowed users to find what they were looking for without listening to a whole call (summary), while also acknowledging and enabling the nuances and challenges of human interaction to shine through (art). 

Plus, we couldn’t afford, that’s why we went with the “k” instead!

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Our team has helped our customers achieve…

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