Build consistent customer service at scale

Abstrakt helps you turn things like this…

  • Managing the variability in agents’ scripts and responses during every call.
  • Investing hours listening and reviewing calls only to pinpoint one coachable moment.
  • Regularly onboarding new agents trying to overcome turnover or scale for growth.

Into results like this

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How Johnson & Johnson reduced AHT by 38%

With team growth comes an immense amount of training, hiring, and coaching. Johnson & Johnson needed a tool that would help streamline their training and coaching.

With Abstrakt implemented, Johnson & Johnson has been able to decrease its average call handle time by 38%.

The Playbooks and Real-Time Recommended Responses give them a standardized method of training while giving the agents the confidence to take calls sooner.


Why Customer Service teams use Abstrakt


Improve CSAT Scores & AHT

With Abstrakt, agents are able to solve problems faster without sacrificing a high level of customer service.


Real-Time Call Guidance

Agents no longer need to put customers on hold as answers are delivered in 0.2 seconds without a supervisor having to be on the call.


Repeatable Call Process

By integrating at the disposition & call outcome level, Abstrakt can tell you what the best agents are doing and how to replicate it.

Abstrakt was built to help CS teams like yours.