How Johnson & Johnson achieved a 38% decrease in call handle time

Johnson & Johnson is an independent wholesale broker that serves insurance professionals throughout the U.S.

They are committed to their customers and strive to find creative ways to solve difficult problems.

That’s why reducing their average call handle time was so important.




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“Abstrakt has been really beneficial for our Customer Care team, especially new hires. The recommended responses and transcript have allowed us to see more success and onboard our new hires faster.”

Sarah Lesemann

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

The Challenge

Johnson & Johnson’s Customer Care team is still relatively new. With any new department comes an immense amount of training, hiring, and coaching. Johnson & Johnson needed a tool that would help streamline their training and coaching.

This goes without forgetting the most important part – their customers. Reducing call wait times was a must.

Luckily, Johnson & Johnson understood the type of technology that was needed as they were using a similar product to Abstrakt. However, there needed to be improvement when it came to transcript accuracy, product support and responsiveness, and just the overall real-time capabilities that their agents needed.

The Solution

Johnson & Johnson uses Abstrakt for training and onboarding new hires. The playbooks and recommended responses give them a standardized method of training while giving the agents the confidence to take calls sooner.

For their seasoned agents, having unlimited intelligence through the voice-activated recommended responses saves them time when uncommon questions are asked. Plus managers can see what the best-performing agents are doing, and replicate that throughout their team.

From a coaching perspective, Johnson & Johnson utilizes Abstrakt’s coaching opportunities feature to give feedback on calls while ensuring each call meets their compliance standards.

The Results

  • Average Handle Time: With Abstrakt implemented, Johnson & Johnson has been able to decrease its average call handle time by 38%.
  • Customer Service: With a faster resolution time, Johnson & Johnson’s customer service remained a top priority. Abstrakt’s real-time call coaching software helped their agents solve problems faster and escalate any calls if necessary.
  • Ramp Time for New Agents: With a single software that includes all scripts, response recommendations, and data behind which is the best to use, Johnson & Johnson has continued to improve ramp time for new agents in their Customer Care team.

“We plan to use Abstrakt for the foreseeable future, not only because of the software but because of the customer care. The customer service is unparalleled and in tech, it can be difficult to have it all. But something that is special about Abstrakt is you’ll are doing it!”

Sarah Lesemann

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

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