// built by reps, for reps

We have been in your shoes

We were very early adopters of Conversational Intelligence Software, being some of the very first sales reps to recognize its power almost 10 years ago.

We understand the pain and stress we all feel at the end of a month or quarter when we are behind our number, or missing our forecast.

We have spent hours role playing, listening and analyzing our team’s performance to try to find the answers to why we lost deals. 

We have been on a call, expecting our Manager or Sales Engineer to help, only for them to no show.

We wanted to make the profession of selling, suck a little less! 

// Built by reps, for reps

Our Leadership Team

Our founders spent many years as sales reps, and sales leaders being frustrated with coaching always being reactive. So, they decided to build Abstrakt. 

Greg Reffner

Founder / CEO

Clare Dobson

Director of Marketing

Spencer Fossen

Head of Growth
Hours of Development

We were told Abstrakt could not be built. 7 different coding languages, multiple custom algorithms and patents pending prove otherwise.

Hours of Audio Testing

To validate Abstrakt never failed our customers, we tested, tested and then tested some more. QA and weekend role playing has never been so much fun.

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Because Sales Shouldn't Suck