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ABSTRAKT is a Company Built From the Ground Up to Help Solve the Problem of Real-Time Answers to Complex Questions

Meet the Team

Greg Reffner, CEO, ABSTRAKT

Greg Reffner


Greg Reffner is a Sales Leader focused on providing sales teams with the training and resources they need to be successful. Greg started Abstrakt in 2019, after 7 years of recognizing the lack of resources for sales departments and recognizing a market opportunity. A seasoned high achiever in sales and sales management, he seeks to elevate all sales representatives with knowledge and power when it matters most, on the sales call.

The Reffner family live in Arizona, leaving California 5 years ago, deciding that Phoenix would be a better fit for them to raise a family. Greg and his wife/best friend Tiffany have a son “Chase”. They also have 3 other “children”, a Belgian Malinois trained in advanced protection, a Shiba Inu (who should’ve been born as a cat), and a Toy Aussie Shepherd who at 10 lbs runs the house. Rather, she did until Chase arrived!

Beth Wallace, CMO, ABSTRAKT

Beth Wallace


Beth has a knack for liaising between sales and marketing. During the “tech bubble” of 1999/2000, she started a business development company “Open Doors LLC”.  Small businesses and MSP’s across the nation have benefitted growth from Beth Wallace’s strategic vision and lead generation marketing campaigns.

She is not your ordinary marketing person. She is a relationship manager, event facilitator, and marketing executive who delivers objective assessments on internal and external challenges, and resolutions to complex problems within tight deadlines.

Born in Charlotte, NC, Beth has managed to do what most natives have not, remain in Charlotte. When she is able to get everyone in the same place at the same time, Beth’s family enjoys cheering on the Carolina Panthers at football games, hiking, camping, and snow skiing in Snowshoe West Virginia.

Tiffany Williams, SDR, ABSTRAKT

Tiffany Williams

Sales Development Representative

Tiffany started her sales career as a Sales Development Representative and quickly was promoted into a closing role. Shortly thereafter she was finally accepted into Physical Therapy School, where she earned Summa Cum Laude and graduated at the top of her class. Being a mom to both her son, and furbabies she jumped at the opportunity to join the team at ABSTRAKT and enjoy the excitement and flexibility of fast growing tech sales! 

John Bunting, ABSTRAKT

John Bunting

Interim CTO

An expert at building businesses, John’s technical background has literally helped build the Real-Time Conversational Intelligence software platform that is ABSTRAKT. With over 17 years of technology industry experience managing projects/programs and development teams, he has grown development teams from 0 to 100+ and cofounded several startups.

He has experience leading onsite and offshore teams to build SaaS applications, BI/data warehousing services, cloud infrastructure, mobile apps and IoT products. John also has been responsible for mobile apps used by 2MM daily active users and deploying web applications to dealer networks of over 10,000 users.

John Bunting is a graduate of University of Utah, Mass Communication Technology, is an Eagle Scout and does volunteer work for Boy Scouts of America. 

Kirk Morales

Kirk Morales

Technology Advisor

A master at building market-ready SaaS products from scratch and integrating business/marketing strategy with technology, Kirk Morales brings a wealth of experience in a variety of organizations from startups to Fortune 500, in the private and public sectors. He translates the needs of various markets and builds products and businesses to support them.

Exiting his first startup in 2016, Kirk is adept at translating fluently between “business strategy”​ and “engineering”​, implementing process and communication automation for scale utilizing analytics strategy and implementation.

In his free time, Kirk enjoys mentoring and advising growing tech start-ups, traveling, photography, and coaching the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. His family of 3 reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

Coaching Doesn’t Have to Be Reactive

Define Success for Your Sales Organization

ABSTRAKT is a company that provides Real-Time Answers to Complex Questions.

Check out the examples listed below of life before ABSTRAKT, and life WITH ABSTRAKT. There are monumental differences. You’re going to want to use this tool that is absolutely not like any other. It’s new technology created by reps for reps.

Here's a scenario for you...

A sales representative is engaged on the 6th call with a prospective buyer (this could be the one!). They perform the proverbial sales dance, the typical back and forth communication. Everything is going well. The buyer advances, asking the questions every sales rep wants to hear. Further qualifying, moving through the Buyers Journey at lightning speed, then...

Before Abstrakt

…something terrible happens!  The buyer asks a question that the sales rep cannot answer! The sales rep stumbles, looking for an answer, someone that can help them, to bail them out, but comes up with nothing! 

The buyer is ready to buy! but has to be delayed while the sales rep finds the answer and then has to play the game of getting back in touch…now the opportunity has to be moved to next month’s pipeline instead of meeting this month’s quota…

With Abstrakt

…something wonderful happens, the buyer asks a complex question, the sales rep delivers the answer; the thrilled buyer; asks for a proposal!

Real-Time Answers to Complex Questions

ABSTRAKT is a company that solves problems in Real-Time live on the call or demo. Our conversational intelligence software provides the right information at the right time. The platform is a proactive alternative to reactive call recording analytics that works across your tech stack or video and dialer technologies. No integrations or phone systems are required, ever.
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