Frequently asked questions

We understand how time-consuming it can be when evaluating new tech solutions. Hopefully, these answers will help make your life a little easier.

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No. We use customer-configured playbooks and recommended responses to guide the agents.

You can leverage AI to have Abstrakt make recommendations, but under no circumstances will agents be presented with content to use that has yet to be approved by you.

Unlike other vendors that charge extra or set a limit on this; we will retain your call data for the length of time you are a customer.

This is included in the cost of your agreement with us.

Abstrakt offers PCI/PHI/PII masking for the transcript and audio file for every call.

Our customers can choose to enable this with the click of a button.

Not in the way you’re used to seeing. We only use it to help with reporting and after-call work automation.

We use the audio coming in and out of the agent’s machine.

Tapping into the phone line adds a layer of dependency on another system, introduces potential for increased latency, and in most cases adds costs (depending upon which system you are on today).

Our software can provide recommended responses in 400 milliseconds. It’s truly that fast. Most other companies take 1-2 seconds at best.

We have tried and failed over 400 times before successfully (and reliably) processing audio at the speed our customers enjoy today.

This means we failed more times than you’d probably like to. Audio and real-time capabilities are a beast of a project.

But by all means, give it a try.

Absolutely! Abstrakt currently has a data center in Canada, and can easily replicate our platform and host your data in many countries worldwide.

Abstrakt compares speech-to-text providers annually and consistently chooses Google as the engine to power this part of our platform today.

They regularly exceed 96% accuracy. You can give it a try yourself, just ask us how.

No, Abstrakt is not a UCaaS/phone system. It integrates into most dialers and contact center software.

Of course! You can have the transcript readily available without the need to keep the audio recording.

We understand every customer has different needs! 

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