Call Scorecard Templates

What to expect:

4 different scorecard options:

• B2C Sales
• Insurance Sales
• Customer Support
• Collections

The theme of a call scorecard is relatively the same regardless of whether you’re in sales, customer support, or collections.

The difference comes from what you’re measuring.

Download The Templates

Why this call scorecard template?

At Abstrakt, we’ve analyzed over 10.2 million calls and have customers across many industries. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. 

That’s why we’ve put together this awesome template that you can steal.

It’s formatted in a Google Sheet so all you have to do is make a copy. Then you can tweak the content, point system, and anything else your heart desires.

Essential factors to consider when looking for a call scorecard template

Relevance: Not all call scorecard templates are relevant to the specific needs of your team. You can use two or three different templates to create one that fits what you’re looking for.

Customization Overboard: Building off the point above, you can definitely customize. But if you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate.

User-friendliness: If you’re having to manually score calls, you need this template to be easy to use to ensure a painless process that actually sticks. Most of the time, new processes get forgotten and people go back to their old habits.

Data analysis: The template should provide the ability to analyze and interpret the data collected from call scoring, such as identifying trends and areas for improvement for individuals to learn.

Integration: What’s even better than manually scoring calls? Being able to build this call scorecard template into your CRM or call recording system.