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Vitamins & Painkillers: The Psychology Behind Running Away From Pain Rather Than Toward Pleasure

Vitamins & Painkillers: The Psychology Behind Running Away From Pain Rather Than Toward Pleasure

Thank you Keenan for sharing the psychology behind running away from pain rather than toward pleasure – a tenant of successful selling!

Should we sell to the root cause (pain)? Listen as we discuss addressing business problems, through determining technical problems and root causes.

“Old school selling like … old school sales training. I believe Sandler talks a lot about finding the pain. I believe value selling may talk about it. I have to be careful about which, but it was a central tenant in most pieces of training in the 1980s ’90s, and early 2000s. Let me be real. It’s the tenant in about 99% of most training.

Letting Passion Drive Your Career

Letting Passion Drive Your Career

Ali Punjani, Go-to-Market Professional at GiveCampus is also a Gates Millennium Scholar, and a TEDxPonceyHighland Co-Organizer. Listen in as he speaks on Letting Passion Drive Your Career during our ABSTRAKT Podkast.  Starting his career without a particular “plan”, Ali worked in a few internships and gained experience that would help him determine his actual career path. His inspiration came from having a direct effect on things that mattered. Join us as we learn how to leverage past experiences to ensure a rewarding long career.

What is a BASHO Email, and Why You Should be Writing One

What is a BASHO Email, and Why You Should be Writing One What is Basho email?

Why do SDR’s target who they target?

Is it making a high quantity of dials every day, week, and month? And adding a high number of activities like emailing? There are formulas you can count on that will tell you the numbers these sales motions will produce.

What do top Sales Performers do that sets them apart? They likely utilize the Basho approach. “Why” do people buy?

Listen to this podkast as John Barrows talks about Triggers, Buyer Intent, and Why People Buy.

Incremental Improvement, Also Known as “Sucking Less”

Incremental Improvement, Also Known as “Sucking Less” incremental improvement

One of the things that we’re going to talk about even more hopefully is making it measurable. How do you know if you’re actually sucking less?” “… We’re going to focus on incrementally 1% performance, improving something you do every day till it becomes a noticeable muscle memory”

What is Conversation Intelligence

What is Conversation Intelligence Conversation Intelligence

Let us first begin by quickly agreeing on what Conversation Intelligence is not, does that sound fair? Conversation Intelligence does not define a software category, nor does it describe a particular feature within a software product. Conversation Intelligence is not an outcome or report driven by something that happened in the past either.

Embracing Remote Environments

Embracing Remote Environments remote environment

We’ve all been told that going remote was a thing of the future, and the future is here! Active listening skills, paired with proper use of Conversation Intelligence software are the yin and yang of quota attainment. 

Listen to this podcast as Keith Lubner and Greg Reffner discuss how human experience, emotion, art, and the blending of technologies combine for success in today’s remote sales environment

What are Sales Call Frameworks & Why Are They Used?

What are Sales Call Frameworks & Why Are They Used? Why to Use Scripts and Frameworks

Another example of a framework is one that is less structured around the call flow and more on how to answer a specific question. For example, when asked about a competitor I have often said “Competitor X does great at _______, and if you asked them they would say we are small, don’t do custom work, and won’t interact with your clients for you – and you know what they are right. We actually (then I explain we are small, and don’t do the things they say because it doesn’t make sense to do as a best practice)”. This ensures that I get into what makes us different and better than the competition without laying into a competitor and looking like the shark.

Why Abstrakt?

Why Abstrakt? Why ABSTRAKT and why Interruption Sales Coaching has been replaced with Real-Time Sales Coaching Software

Starting a new company is stressful. Add to that the pivots many of us are having to make to get through this unprecedented time of our lives. I am often asked “Why Abstrakt”?   Spring…Fresh Starts I remember the feeling like it was just yesterday; it was a beautiful sunny Spring day and my first […]

Outbound Prospecting

Outbound Prospecting

The first sales book I ever read was Skip Miller’s best selling book, ProActive Selling. To say we are excited to have him join us on ABSTRAKT’s podcast is an understatement, especially on the eve of his newest book coming out, Outbounding. Together, we dive into some helpful hints on what sales teams can be doing differently to find success in Outbound Prospecting in today’s modern sales environment. 

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