Agent Attrition with Oliver Catt

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Agent Attrition

Today’s guest is Oliver Catt, Founder of The Cattalyst and we’re diving into agent attrition.

A touchy subject in the contact center world.

But it’s something that needs to be addressed as the old way of mass hiring, hoping 50% of the agents stay more than 6 months is not working anymore.

Key takeaways from Oliver Catt

1. Understand the total cost for attrition at your company

A recent study from the UK came out and said it can cost 105% of an employee’s salary to replace, recruit, and train a new person to replace them. 

He urges you to take a closer look at what attrition costs your company. With some small tweaks to processes, training, and leadership evaluations, you could easily turn around your attrition problem.

2. Stop normalizing high levels of agent attrition.

It has been normalized to expect higher levels of attrition instead of trying to do something to improve it.

Companies just accept the sunk cost.

Ways you can get out of the attrition cycle:

  • Take 5% of your average slaray and increase it to see if agents stay longer
  • Compensate agents based on performance
  • Set expectations of what needs to be done to “move up” levels or apply for different positions within the company.

3. Attrition occurs because of one of these three reasons

Money: Not being paid enough.

Motivation: No growth, no motivation to push themselves.

Management: Bad leadership or leadership that was never trained for the position.

What are you going to do about it?

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