First Contact Resolution with Amas Tenumah

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FCR and what you’re doing wrong

Our special guest is Amas Tenumah – Author, Consultant, and Co-Host of The Contact Center Show.

We’re talking all about FCR (First Contact Resolution).

Yes, we are expanding beyond calls and touching on how important FCR is across all channels.

What is First Contact Resolution?

First Contact Resolution (FCR), also known as First Call Resolution, measures a contact center’s ability to resolve customer problems, questions, or needs the first time they contact their company, with no follow-up required.

Key takeaways from Amas on First Contact Resolution

1. What not to do when measuring FCR?

STOP OBSESSING with what your number actually is.

Understand the reasons behind why your number is what it is, then focus on how to improve it.

If you focus your energy on improving processes, goals, and your people then the metrics will follow. You have your benchmark and that’s all you need to start improving.

2. FCR equally impacts how efficient your team is and how effective your team is.

True improvements in FCR could take months or even years. That’s a lot to consider when making changes in processes or tools to not see an immediate return.

If you want immediate results, you might be sacrificing other aspects in order to achieve those. 

3. Everyone measures FCR differently

It doesn’t matter how “wrongly” you’re measuring it, just continue to measure the same way.

Focus your energy on improving your score rather than finding the perfect equation.

Do NOT change that formula especially if it’s just to get a higher number. That removes the entire purpose of trying to improve FCR and will likely result in no progress from your team.

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