Net Promoter Score with John Walter

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The Contact Center KPI Podcast is live!

Our very first episode features John Walter, COO at ZMAXINC and host of the CX, AI, and Outsourcing Podcast.

We dive into Net Promoter Score and how this KPI can give companies the insight they need to improve the overall customer journey.

If you could only do one thing to improve NPS, John recommends investing in AI and data analytics technology.

What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric used to evaluate customer loyalty and the customer’s experience with your company. NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company. NPS scores are generally measured with a single-question survey at the end of a call, chat, or customer experience.

This means data can be skewed because how are you supposed to measure customer loyalty with a single question? That’s exactly what we dive into with John Walter on this podcast.

Key takeaways from John’s perspective of Net Promoter Score

1. AI and data analytics are very beneficial to improve NPS

Early adopters have committed to utilizing AI and data analytics to improve their teams. Are you being left behind?

AI is here to stay and it is helping contact centers around the world improve their daily operations.

2. Metrics that matter – NPS and Net Income

Sure, you could also argue CSAT for customer satisfaction. But at the same time, NPS is measuring your customer’s loyalty. And that ties directly to revenue.

With CSAT, there is a need to be balanced. If a customer is asking for a price reduction, the call has the possibility to end with a lower score than a first-time customer receiving a quote.

The outcome is varied based on how the agent responds.

3. NPS can’t be measured after a single call

How are you going to measure customer loyalty after one call?

What if the call was regarding a price increase or return policy?

The customer could not have had the best experience at that moment, however, it might not change their overall opinion of the company.

This is how most contact centers measure NPS currently. The data can be skewed because of this.

4. NPS does NOT have be a high score

The goal of the NPS is to get accurate insights into how loyal your customers are.

It’s not to get the highest score.

However, many companies set goals that are disproportional to their current metrics as they are striving for a “high” score.

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