Conversational Intelligence with the magic of Real-Time

Why are leaders switching to real-time software instead of traditional conversational intelligence software?

  • Instantly drive change at the rep level
  • Scale knowledge in the moment, no more waiting
  • Dashboards don’t drive revenue and customer experience, your team does

Don’t you hate when companies say their software is configurable, but takes weeks to customize? Abstrakt was built to be configurable by you.

Reduce ramp time as new hires are provided with proven methods on day one. In between every call, Abstrakt provides key metrics so incremental improvement can be made instantly.

It’s like having a copilot with your reps at all times. No more fumbling responses or forgetting how to respond to an objection.

Dashboards, insights, and easily skip to playbook points or objections in the transcript and audio recording. It’s scaling every call with conversational intelligence software.

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Making leaders more productive

Abstrakt fills the exact gaps that all sales reps face – not knowing what to say when faced with an objection. Without this functionality, we are left flailing.

Being able to handle objections in real-time is the best coaching you can have. It doesn’t get much faster than that!

Being able to coach reps faster allows for better overall ramp time.


Holly Signore

Director, Sales Development at PlateIQ

How Johnson & Johnson Achieved a 38% Decrease in Call Handle Time

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How Customer Acquisition Group Reduced QA Time by 83%

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Plate IQ Decreased Ramp time of New Reps by 67% Using Abstrakt

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Just like a QA employee, but better

This software helps to keep our Customer Service Specialists on track. It also helps us keep track of conversations in the event we need to review them. Transcripts are clear and concise, recommended responses work as advertised, plus the communication has been amazing.”

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

Risk reduction & compliance monitoring

“Transcripts are clear and concise. Playbooks and recommended responses work as advertised. We are so excited to complete the integration process with Genesys!”

Financial Services Company

Drive business & performance

There are certain things agents absolutely have to say or do on phone calls. It is all about ramping agents quickly for our clients in a predictable, cost-effective, and compliant manner. Abstrakt allows us to do all of these things.”


Oliver Catt

Founder of The Cattalyst

Supercharge your reps

Abstrakt is helping us decrease the time it typically takes a new hire to get ramped up by providing live coaching and call feedback. Also, being a remote sales team, Abstrakt’s call recordings and transcripts allow me to coach effectively and provide feedback to my team on their calls.”

Nolan Lang

Sales Development Manager at PlateIQ

Ready to fall out of your chair?