Call Coaching Template for High-Performing 1:1s

Call coaching template for high-performing 1-1s

Take this template to your next coaching session and see immediate results.

Before The Next Coaching Session


Choose 3 to 6 calls that they want to review in the coaching session

These calls will be sent to the manager the day BEFORE the session


Keep a running doc of agenda items throughout the week and share it with your agent.

Review the calls from the agent before the session BUT don’t leave any call notes. The goal is for the agent to lead this part of the session.

Call Coaching Template Structure

Part 1 – Initial Focus: Agenda & Self-Discovery

Part 2 – Deep Dive: Call Review

Part 3 – Action Items: Accountability & Homework

Download the call coaching template to see the Do’s, Don’ts, and things you can implement starting TODAY for each of the three sections.

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