Ready on day one with real-time call guidance software

Traditionally, managers and supervisors spend their time…

  • Listening to endless calls to only find one coachable moment
  • Coaching agents on the same thing over and over
  • Constantly onboarding new agents

That’s where Abstrakt comes in. Real-time call guidance software helps agents always say the right thing at the right time based on the context of the call they are on.


Just look at the results

Increase in New Opportunities

Decrease in Ramp Time

Increase in CSAT

Consistent customer service at scale

“Abstrakt has been really beneficial for our Customer Care team, especially new hires. The recommended responses and transcript have allowed us to see more success and onboard our new hires faster.”

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

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Just like a QA employee, but better

It used to take 1.5 hours to find a call & give feedback, but Abstrakt has condensed that to 10 minutes. We can go through an entire call to find what should have been said, review scripting and rebuttals, and apply feedback for agents.

brittany Montgomery

Brittany Montgomery

QC Manager at Customer Acquisition Group

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Drive business & performance

There are certain things agents absolutely have to say or do on phone calls. It is all about ramping agents quickly for our clients in a predictable, cost-effective, and compliant manner. Abstrakt allows us to do all of these things.”

Oliver Catt

Founder of The Cattalyst

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Stop Revenue Leakage

Abstrakt is helping us decrease the time it typically takes a new hire to get ramped up by providing live coaching and call feedback. Also, being a remote sales team, Abstrakt’s call recordings and transcripts allow me to coach effectively and provide feedback to my team on their calls.

nolan lang

Nolan Lang

Sales Development Manager at Plate IQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We use customer-configured playbooks and recommended responses to guide the agents.

You can leverage AI to have Abstrakt make recommendations, but under no circumstances will agents be presented with content to use that has yet to be approved by you.

Unlike other vendors that charge extra or set a limit on this; we will retain your call data for the length of time you are a customer.

This is included in the cost of your agreement with us.

Abstrakt offers PCI/PHI/PII masking for the transcript and audio file for every call.

Our customers can choose to enable this with the click of a button.

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