Building a Repeatable Call QA process

What to expect in this document:

  • How to create a call QA process & framework
  • Questions you need to answer in order to build a repeatable process
  • Different call QA process examples
  • Best practices from companies across industries
  • QA audit checklist you can steal

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Creating a QA Framework

Creating a solid QA framework has three parts:

  1. Establish the metrics that define good quality service or sales calls. 
  2. Legal and regulatory needs for your given industry to remain in compliance with state and federal laws.
  3. Collect data on how agents are performing against these metrics. 

To start, we always suggest that you answer these four questions: 

  1. What KPIs are you going to measure? 
  2. How will you monitor, measure, and analyze these metrics? 
  3. Based on the data, what steps will you take to improve these numbers? 
  4. Based on your industry, what is a must-have in order to remain in compliance? 

Best Practices for a Repeatable Call QA Process 

Standardization of processes

  • Define and document each step that you want agents to follow. This allows for more accuracy when scoring calls to give an unbiased assessment of agents on their performance. 


  • With the advancements in AI technology, there is no reason your team shouldn’t be automating QA and call scorecards. There will always be a need for human intervention to review calls that are flagged, but automation will save both time and money. Plus it reduces the risk of human bias or error. 

Ensure all channels are being monitored

  • If your customer service or sales team uses chat, that needs to be included in the QA process. Most companies just think about phone calls due to the regulations, but chat is just as important. 

Let agents dispute bad scores 

  • There should absolutely be a way to leave feedback in your QA process as well as allow agents to respond. There may be a specific part of the call that was missed and needs to be reviewed again. 

QA software should work for you, not against you 

  • Feedback forms and coaching forms, when used, should be built into the same software as being used to automate call scorecards and QA. Your software should be able to solve multiple problems, allowing you to keep everything within one platform.