cold calling guide

Cold Calling Guide

Cold calling is arguably the hardest part of sales. Interrupting someone in the middle of a task they were focused on, nailing a solid first impression in less than seven seconds, and then persuading them into some action (usually scheduling a meeting). We hope our Cold Calling Guide helps you to build a Framework for success

inbound discovery call framework

Inbound Demo Framework

Your marketing team spent hundreds of dollars to generate that Demo Request that just got booked on your calendar. The prospect has already done their research, better make sure your first meeting with them acknowledges that. Use our Inbound Demo Framework to make sure that MQL has it’s highest chance of success to convert into a Qualified Opportunity.

outbound discovery call framework

Outbound Demo Framework

Hundreds of phone calls and emails have been completed to finally get this meeting on the calendar. Your prospect knows they have pain, but might not know a solution exists. It is up to you to acknowledge this, and meet your prospect where they are earlier in the funnel. Follow our Outbound Demo Framework to make sure you have next steps.