Must Haves for a Discovery Call

discovery call framework

NOTE: This discovery call framework works best for Outbound generated leads. If you’re looking for an Inbound framework, check this out.

What to expect in this template:

  • Timeline of the discovery call that you should follow
  • Breakdown of each block to ensure you cover the prospect’s needs & wants while qualifying
  • Best practices for establishing the next steps
  • How to schedule that next meeting
  • Post call to-do list (5 minutes or less)

Need additional resources to help you crush the outbound game? We’ve got exactly what you need.

  1. From the legend himself, Skip Miller – Outbound Prospecting
  2. Successful cold calling tips
  3. Objection handling tips and tricks (that actually work)
  4. How to run a sales call that doesn’t feel like a sales call with Jason Bay and Armand Farrokh

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