14 Secrets that Abstrakt has Revealed

14 secrest abstrakt has revealed



Over the past six months, we’ve been able to clearly see a change in trends (which shouldn’t be a surprise). But instead of just telling you there has been a change, we’re going to reveal what words and phrases will get you results in today’s environment.

1. Integrations are coming up 32% more often than in the previous period.

Companies and people want new tech solutions to play well with others. If your software doesn’t integrate with what prospects are asking for, it might be time to reconsider your product roadmap.

2. Competitors coming up 15% more often than the previous period.

We speculate due to people being pickier in this economy. This also helps teams identify if they are any new players in the market while being able to identify whom you compete against the most.

However, competition is still not the main objection reps are facing. While it’s important to review the most common objections like “I’m in a meeting, I don’t work there anymore, etc.” are occurring more often.

Read more about the most common objections.

3. Teams have identified that they were missing battlecards for about 68% of the objections that came up.

This is exactly what we tell prospects looking at adding real-time call coaching software to their tech stack – it helps identify the gaps in your sales process without adding more manual work.

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4. Openers

Permission-based openers are continuing conversations by 57% compared to other openers that are being used. Learn more about this in our webinars with Jason Bay.

5. Playbooks

With automated playbooks, managers are seeing about a 17% increase in the utilization of playbooks. Need a template or looking to update yours? Check out these.

6. Objections

Reps that used the recommended responses were 2x more likely to overcome an objection than those who didn’t use them. Real-time responses actually matter.

7. Conversions

Reps saw a 68% increase in booking a meeting if they followed at least 51% of their playbook.

8. Customer satisfaction rates have increased 23% when there is a first call resolution instead of having to jump through multiple agents

This is why it’s vital to give your team real-time call intelligence live on the call.

9. Agents have seen a 35% decrease in call handle time. This means two agents with Abstrakt can handle the same call volume as three Agents without Abstrakt.

Technology that aids in improving call handle time is important so agents can move to the next call faster. Companies can focus on reducing operational costs without reducing customer satisfaction scores.

Check out how Abstrakt helped Johnson & Johnson.

10. Companies that are investing in technology for their agents have seen a 19% reduction in turnover compared to previous periods.

Technology that assists agents rather than hinders or micromanages their performance has seen an impact on agent attrition. Companies that aren’t investing in their employees will continue to see high rates of attrition.

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11. Rate Shopping

45% increase in people shopping for cheaper rates, especially around renewal time. Agents using Abstrakt increased renewals by 41%.

12. Automated QA

51% decrease in manual QA time as agents receive real-time responses. Abstrakt has saved managers over 22.4 hours/week not having to search/listen to calls manually.

13. Call Handle Time

Agents using Abstrakt have seen a 35% decrease in call handle time.

14. Ramp Time

Companies using real-time call coaching software (hint hint Abstrakt) for their agents have seen a 68% decrease in ramp time.

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