// Real-Time Call Coaching Software

Product Overview


Managers & Leaders build in the Cloud.
Reps, Agents & Recruiters use the HUD.

Playbook & Script Builder

  • Drag-and-drop editing allows you to easily orchestrate the structure of how you would like calls to play out
  • Assign playbooks to different teams depending upon use cases
  • Guide reps to always ask the right qualifying questions, and tell the correct customer stories
  • Configurable based upon various factors such as lead source, opportunity stage, persona, etc

Objection Handling Builder

  • Recommended Responses is what we call things like cue cards, battlecards, Wiki’s or good ole’ fashion sticky notes
  • Organize responses by category and team
  • Link out to external documentation right from within the Recommended Response card
  • Variants allow you to build one card, for every possible way a prospect or customer might talk about that subject
  • Configure as many options as you wish that your rep, or agent can choose from

Automated Playbooks & QA

  • Playbooks can be used in any order, allowing reps or agents to go with the flow of the conversation
  • When Abstrakt recognizes the success of a playbook point, it is highlighted in GREEN and moved off-screen
  • Relative Accuracy scoring means that reps and agents have the flexibility to make the question their own, without sounding robotic


Real-Time Recommended Responses 

  • Within .02 seconds of the prospect or customer saying their objection or question, Recommended Responses are delivered in the HUD
  • Reps have instant access to external documentation relevant to that subject, linked out right from within the Recommended Response card
  • Recommended Responses are to serve as “reminders” to previously taught information, allowing reps and agents to make the response their own.

Watch How it Works

// Real-time call coaching software

Configurable and Live in Minutes

Measure time to value in days, not weeks or months

Abstrakt offers Real-Time Call Coaching Software powered by the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI. Reps, Recruiters and Agents are provided the right information, at the right time, live on the call, or demo all based upon what is being said by the prospect or customer. 

  • No integrations required. 
  • No coding, no training. Type in your Playbooks and Recommended Responses and go live. 
  • Reps can switch between different systems with zero interruptions. 
// By the numbers

The numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 78%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate Against competitors 69%
Avg % Increase in Qualified Opportunities 92%
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How is Abstrakt helping?

Emilia Clarke
Blue Signal Search
Matt Walsh, CEO & Founder
If companies can leverage Abstrakt's software, wow, it's like getting a steroid shot in your sales cycle that will really help you get to that next level.
Emilia Clarke
Johnson & Johnson
Sarah Lesemann, Customer Care Manager
Abstrakt is night and day better than our previous solution. Our agents love Abstrakt! We couldn't have made a better decision switching from Balto.
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