Real-Time Call Guidance & Automated QA

Abstrakt can help you solve problems like these…

  • Listening to endless calls to only find one coachable moment.
  • Waiting hours or days to access call recordings and transcripts.
  • Reviewing less than 1% of calls, hoping the rest fall within compliance standards.
  • Spending hours manually inputting data into Excel to track and score calls.

Making leaders more productive

“This has been a phenomenal experience with Abstrakt so far.

The level of transparency that Abstrakt has provided as to what is going to take place at each step of the way has been amazing.

Sarah Lesemann

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

Just look at the results

Increase in Accuracy of QA Scores

Decrease in Ramp Time

Increase in CSAT

Your agents will be ready on day one

Help your team handle more calls in less time with Abstrakt’s real-time agent assist software.

Playbooks and Recommended Responses are used to ensure your agents always know the right thing to say at the right time.

Plus reducing ramp time has never been easier with real-time call guidance.

agent assist image

Automated QA & compliance with a human touch

Get notified of issues in real-time with Abstrakt’s supervisor notifications. Compliance issues can be solved before they even happen.

Plus every call is scored within seconds of the call being over. No more waiting to see which calls need your attention.

reporting QA

Conversational Intelligence with the magic of real-time

Receive real-time conversational intelligence reporting details to see what leads to the call outcomes your business is looking to achieve.

Know exactly what your best agents are doing and how to replicate it instantly.

reporting dashboard - conversational