Real-Timeis here to stay

Chances are that our customers were looking for the same things you are…

  • “Automated playbooks for our reps”
  • “Help my team overcome objections”
  • “Faster ramp time for our agents”
  • “Identify which calls fall out of compliance”

Who’s coaching your team when you’re not around?

Playbooks & scripts are launched based on who your team is speaking with and react immediately to their behavior.

Recommended responses are instantly triggered (in 0.2 seconds), based on the challenges or objections thrown your team’s way.

No more whispers or barging, it’s time for real-time call guidance.

Quality Assurance & Compliance on 100% of calls

It’s time to eliminate manual and repetitive work while taking compliance seriously.

Automated QA and compliance are built into Abstrakt and you no longer have to worry about being sued. 

When the details matter, let Abstrakt ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

reporting dashboard

Easily review & make informed decisions

Real-time doesn’t just stop at call coaching. Because we process data in real-time, you have access to it seconds after the call is over.

Best in call transcription accuracy (>96%), available across 125 different languages, and transcripts are paired with audio recordings.

Eliminate the need to use multiple systems for visibility into every interaction of your team.


Making leaders more productive

“This has been a phenomenal experience with Abstrakt so far. The level of transparency that Abstrakt has provided as to what is going to take place at each step of the way has been amazing. They are allowing us to be involved in every step of the process, including the training, but at the same time leading the way. Our previous solution did not allow us to be nearly as involved as we are with Abstrakt.”

Sarah Lesemann

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager at Johnson & Johnson

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to

  • Abstrakt was built to be configurable. No coding, no training.
  • Abstrakt will automatically launch with your dialer or sales engagement platform.
  • Voice-activated recommended responses are triggered in less than a second by a customer or prospect.
  • Audio recordings paired with searchable transcripts allow you to find everything you need.
  • Instantly know which calls need to be reviewed for QA or compliance issues.
  • We’re ranked #1 by G2 for Ease of Use and Customer Support.
  • Abstrakt just plain works.

Just look at the results

Increase in New Opportunities

Decrease in Ramp Time

Increase in CSAT

Old problem. New solution. You ready?