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Emilia Clarke
Johnson & Johnson
Sarah Lesemann, Customer Care Manager
Abstrakt is night and day better than our previous solution. Our agents love Abstrakt! We couldn't have made a better decision switching from Balto.
Emilia Clarke
Blue Signal Search
Matt Walsh, CEO & Founder
If companies can leverage Abstrakt's software, wow, it’s like getting a steroid shot in your sales cycle that will really help you get to that next level.
// By the numbers

The numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 78%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate Against competitors 69%
Avg % Increase in Qualified Opportunities 92%
// Real time call coaching software

8 Reasons Why It's Worth It

1. With recommended responses, never miss an objection or handle a question incorrectly again.

2. With automated playbooks, always know the right talking points or compliance statements based on the situation your team finds themselves in.

3. Automated data entry ensures you always have a record of every conversation.

4. Audio recordings paired with searchable transcripts allow you to find everything you ever need (without the use of multiple systems).

5. Instantly know which calls need to be reviewed for QA or compliance issues.

6. We intentionally use the word configurable, your team could be up and running in days.

7. According to G2, we’re ranked #1 when it comes to Customer Support.

8. Because it just plain works.