QA Feedback Form Template

What you get:

Editable QA feedback forms via Google Sheets:

  • General feedback form
  • Third-party // wrong number form
  • Voicemail form

You can easily duplicate and sync with Google Forms to streamline your QA process.

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Download The Forms

Why this QA feedback form?

A QA feedback form is simply a list of questions that helps you evaluate whether or not your agents are following their scripts, being professional, and representing your company correctly.

While there are a variety of forms you can use, our customers have seen the most success with these three (plus or minus some of their own variations)!

It’s formatted in a Google Sheet so all you have to do is make a copy. Then you can tweak the content, point system, and anything else you want!

Essential factors to consider when looking for QA feedback forms.

1. How are you currently QAing calls?

These forms can be uploaded into your tech stack to easily automate QA for you. Or you can create a Google form and continue your manual QA process until you’re able to upgrade.

When considering adding a feedback form, it’s important to still have one-on-one coaching with your agents. These forms do not replace that.

2. Best practices include reviewing your forms every 6 months.

Processes change. Regulations change. Your feedback forms should reflect those changes.

Ensure they are being reviewed and updated with your processes and policies so that agents don’t miss a beat when getting feedback from their managers.