First Call Resolution with Tom Moskal

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First Call Resolution

Tom Moskal, VP of Global Client Services at OP360, joins us to talk all about First Call Resolution.

Our second guest to choose this KPI 🙌

This episode is a must listen when it comes to understanding first call resolution and the impact it can have on your contact center.

What is First Call Resolution?

First call resolution (FCR) is when customer service agents properly address a customer’s needs the first time they call.

In doing this, there is no need for the customer to follow up with a second call.

Key takeaways from Tom on FCR

1. Know why you’re picking your FCR target number (aka 75% vs. 80%)

Contact center leaders often pick a target number and don’t have a reason for it. It’s often because someone they know is using that target number or leadership said so.

Regardless of what your number is, you need to constantly reevaluate it and assess if it’s truly making a difference for your customers. Example – does 80% move the needle or does it need to be adjusted?

2. Take the time to understand what outcomes can happen when you hit your target

Just as we mentioned above, the outcome may not be making the impact you’d thought when picking your target number.

Or even worse, it could be negatively impacting another metric or part of the business.

Take a step back and evaluate whether your first call resolution target number and processes are making the difference you expected.

3. Build a culture of ownership and you’ll be surprised what your team can do

Empowering your agents to make decisions and giving them ownership of their goals can change the game. Micromanaging is no longer effective.

Real-time technology and one-on-one coaching sessions are. Build the culture in your organization by starting with your agents.

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