Customer Satisfaction Score with John Hoyt

CSAT and why it’s important

John Hoyt, Associate Director of Operations Training & Quality Assurance at Kin, joined us on the Contact Center KPI podcast for another stellar episode.

This conversation was all about Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

John’s biggest piece of advice – consistency.

Leaders tend to be reactive.

But consistency, goals, and having a game plan can make all the difference for your team.

What is Customer Satisfaction Score?

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT), is a commonly used metric that indicates how satisfied customers are with a company’s products or services. It’s measured through customer feedback and expressed as a percentage (100% would be fantastic – 0% would be bad).

Key takeaways from John on CSAT

1. Your customer is the best indicator of how your company is doing

Asking customers how they feel after any interaction is vital and every organization should measure themselves on this.

If you focus your energy on improving processes, goals, and your people then the metrics will follow. You have your benchmark and that’s all you need to start improving.

2. Measuring CSAT across the lifecycle of a customer

This varies per organization, but CSAT is just one piece of the puzzle. One interaction with a customer is not the entire store.

You have to couple the experience your customer has in each interaction with your own internal measurements of what is expected to happen on the calls.

3. Good old-fashioned coaching is often forgotten

Direct coaching with agents is one of the best ways to see improvements in your CSAT score.

While AI and automation are important and have a role, human interaction and coaching are still needed.

People, process, and technology. Keep it simple.

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