Leadership & KPIs with Clayton Drotsky

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How Leaders Should Approach KPIs

Clayton Drotsky joins us on the latest episode of the Contact Center KPI podcast!

With 18 years of contact center leadership experience, Clayton takes a different approach in today’s episode.

We’re discussing the big picture and how leaders should approach KPIs!

Key takeaways from Clayton Drotsky

1. KPIs are usually decided on at the higher levels and then are communicated down the ladder. 

But there is usually a communication breakdown which causes a gap in why these KPIs needed to be achieved in the first place.

Where do you start?

First, ask yourself does everyone at your company (from the agents to the CEO) understand why these goals & KPIs are set? 

Second, Figure out your north star.

Then decide on what KPIs will help get you there.

2. Ask the users/agents for their feedback on whether a KPI is even attainable.

Of course, you want to push your team and not make the KPIs “easy” to hit, but if it’s unattainable they won’t even try and there will be a disconnect.

Agents don’t need to be involved in the whole process, but their feedback is essential.

3. People are willing to go the extra mile if they feel like they are a part of something and matter.

If there is a foundation in place and leaders are focused on developing their teams, achieving difficult goals is possible.

But it all starts with developing your managers into leaders.

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