Customer Experience Score with Brian Jeppesen

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Customer Experience Score

Brian Jeppesen, Director of Contact Center Operations at Landry’s, has over 30 years of contact center industry experience.

Today he is sharing that experience with you. We’re focusing on the customer experience and the return on experience.

Key takeaways from Brian Jeppesen

1. Return on experience – How easy do we make it for our customers to do business with us?

There isn’t an exact formula, as each business is unique in terms of needs. Some of the things you need to consider:

  • Which channels are you allowing them to contact you by?
  • How easy is it for them to speak with someone?
  • How long until you get their issue resolved?

2. Allow people to interact in the channel they want to interact in.

This starts with understanding your customer better. As you try new channels, measure the revenue and costs and compare that to the demand of the channel.

You don’t need to have every channel as an option, you need to know where your customers prefer to contact you.

If you’re going to test a new channel, you need to define what that means. How long? The goal of the new channel? What support/staff is needed?

3. Having staffing challenges? Virtual assistants can help solve simple calls so your agents can focus on the more complex issues.

Sounds like a no-brainer and it’s nothing new, but you’d be surprised how many companies haven’t utilized virtual assistants yet.

As Brian would say, “Digital when you want, human when you need.”

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