7 Metric-Boosting Steps to Reduce Call Handle Time

reduce call handle time

Looking to reduce your average call handle time? Look no further.

7 Steps You Can Implement

1. Know what a GREAT call looks like

Your team needs to know what a great call encompasses. Not just the average length, but what is said, how many interruptions occurred, how fast the agent was talking, and so on.

Here is a sneak peek of Abstrakt Labz*

Calls that include positive dispositions have these in common:

2. Stop interrupting prospects & customers 

This happens more than you realize. 

Agents interrupt the customer or prospect when they THINK they know what will be asked or said. 

If you can reduce interruptions and increase the level of patience from agents, it is proven to reduce average handle time (AHT). 

You can start measuring this with software ASAP. 

Here is what Abstrakt Labz* is showing:

3. Training and coaching

Professional athletes don’t just watch game film for fun. There is a reason behind it. In the same way, the best salespeople don’t just listen to their sales calls to hear their voice. 

Reference this call coaching template for your next session.

There is a purpose and intention behind it.

Agents should listen to examples of great calls that have low AHT and not-so-great calls that have a higher AHT.

Then coaching sessions should focus on what’s going well vs. what needs to improve within those calls.

Remember, just because a call has a higher AHT doesn’t mean it’s a bad call.

*Abstrakt Labz is the outcomes measured from millions of calls that have taken place using Abstrakt. 

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