But there is other software out there “just like you.”

Abstrakt is more than what you see.

We don’t pretend to be like other software because we’re not. Abstrakt was initially created to make cold calling suck a little less, but we’ve realized that it’s about giving reps and agents from any industry the tools they need to succeed.

We have SIRI on our phones and navigation in our cars, why not have it when it comes to calls?

We’ve heard your objections before…

“We already use a conversational intelligence or call recording tool.”

These tools are great and can even be paired with using Abstrakt. But why would you want to have multiple tools that do the same thing? Abstrakt’s real-time coaching is unmatched, you can talk to any of our customers who have switched from other conversational intelligence tools.

“Our industry is too nuanced.”

We are experts on sales and real-time Natural Language Processing. Our goal is to stream audio as fast as possible for your team while giving managers real-time access to the data. And we have the product to back it up. We build the foundation and you add your expertise so you team gets unlimited intelligence in real-time.

“We just need to wait until next year.”

Frankly, this is one that we hear before the conversation has really even started. Pushing a conversation down the road is 100% not your fault, this one is on us. We failed because we have not clearly articulated how Abstrakt can improve your team while showing a positive ROI.

“My team is too tenured.”

This is actually another way of saying that “my team knows what to say and nails it every time”. If that is the case, then your team is literally a unicorn. Scientists should probably capture your team, take them to a lab, and study them so that we can unlock the mysteries of the universe. Everyone has bad days or gets distracted on their 50th cold call or 5th demo of the day, that’s where Abstrakt comes in.

“I don’t have time to implement this into our systems.”

That’s actually the reason you should be looking at Abstrakt in the first place. You are too busy listening to call recordings, re-coaching the same mistakes, and trying to move the revenue needle. We can help free up your time.

Old problem. New solution. You ready?

greg reffner