8 1/2 Secrets to Solidify Customer Loyalty

What to expect in this document:

8 secrets to help you improve your CSAT and NPS metrics which in turn will improve your customer’s loyalty.

#1: Prioritizing the experience
#2: Training & coaching agents
#3: AI and data analytics
#4: The only metrics that matter
#5: Offering multichannel support
#6: One repository/knowledge base
#7: Empower your agents
#8: Consistency

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The additional ½ secret includes:

Misconceptions around NPS & CSAT and breakdowns of specific customer loyalty winning secrets

Secret #1: Prioritize the experience

This should be a no-brainer. We won’t spend much time on it.

Companies with a superior experience bring in almost 6 times more revenue than their competitors that don’t prioritize it.

Sounds great, where do I start? We go over that in this guide, download it now!

Secret #2: Training & coaching agents

The never-ending cycle of training and coaching.

The best customer service teams are those who receive continuous education and coaching to improve their skills.

With time being invaluable to leaders and supervisors, AI can be very beneficial. Listening to call recordings or reviewing the same issues over and over again isn’t “coaching”.

However, utilizing AI can free up your time to provide direct one-on-one or small-group coaching to your agents.

Secret #3: AI and data analytics are very beneficial to improve NPS & CSAT

Early adopters have committed to utilizing AI and data analytics to improve their teams. Are you being left behind?

AI is here to stay and it is helping contact centers around the world improve their daily operations.

Abstrakt has found that companies who use AI-driven software to help with live, real-time coaching have decreased ramp time by 63% and increased CSAT by 27%.

And read the other 5 1/2 secrets by downloading this guide 🙂