Don’t be a boiling frog

Don't be a boiling frog - b2b software sales

What is a boiling frog?

Have you heard the saying, “Put a frog in water, slowly bring it to a boil, the frog won’t jump out, it will remain in the water, cooking itself to death. Throw a frog into already boiling water, it will jump out.”?

Well if you haven’t you’re still in luck. Have you tried using reactive conversational intelligence software?

Perfect. Then you’ll follow right along.

As a sales leader or sales rep at any company (but especially B2B software sales), living in the trenches every day it becomes very easy to just get used to doing things a certain way.

This is because the pain of initiating change at that moment outweighs the pain of whatever it is that sucks about your day right then.

It is better to be in the pain you know and won’t get fired for, rather than try something new that has an unknown outcome.

Recently, we had a new customer join us and prior to her investing in real-time sales coaching software, she was not as productive as she’d like to be with her team.

She was launching a Zoom meeting three times a week, having all 14 of her sales development reps join and start making calls via their sales engagement tool.

When a rep would connect with a potential prospect, everyone else would listen in on that phone call via Zoom.

She had been doing this for nearly two years.

Why Reactive Conversational Intelligence Software Isn’t Enough

She was sitting in the water, letting it boil her and her team for hours every day. All because the alternative of switching to a reactive conversational intelligence software didn’t seem all that much better. Especially not worth the investment if nothing would change.

“If I still have to go back and listen to calls anyway, how is that any better? If I am at least listening live on a Zoom call, maybe I can Slack my rep something to help!”

This was the painkiller she had decided to take, because a vitamin or therapy didn’t exist (at least she didn’t know about it).

Back of the napkin math in B2B software sales

According to Glassdoor, the average on track earnings (OTE) for a Sales Development Representative in B2B software sales makes just under $74,000 a year. The average Sales Development Manager makes just a little bit more according to Indeed, coming in at $85,000 a year (more salary, less variable comp).

Not considering the fully loaded cost of the employee (including benefits, income tax, etc.), a SDR makes $38.54/hour; a Manager makes $44.27.

Drum roll please…

That is $583.83 sitting in a Zoom meeting, waiting for a prospect to answer the phone, and then everyone else stops what they are doing to listen.

Do this 3 days a week, 50 weeks a year (not counting Thanksgiving or Christmas week) and the cost associated with the current status quo cost of sales coaching is $87,574.50 a year.

Unfortunately, stories like these are ones we hear far too often.

The same situation played out two years ago, only it was reps and managers crowded around a conference room table making calls until a prospect answered.

The worst part about these stories is that, most of the time, these organizations have invested in conversational intelligence software. They bought the fancy sales enablement tools in order to have the revenue operations dashboards… but none of those are helping, live, on calls.

This is crazy!

Take into account that these same reps have software subscription costs, insurance, and income tax and we are probably close to $150,000 a year in cost sitting in a Zoom meeting waiting for a phone call to take place.

It is time to stop the madness!

So how do you help yourself to get out of the boiling pot of water?

It is simple, invest in real-time sales coaching software.

Yes, we are unapologetically telling you to invest in our software for no other reason than the numbers make sense.

For $16,800 a year, the same 14 reps can have their Sales Manager, their entire team’s best practices and every piece of sales enablement material they need with them 24/7.

Now in B2B software sales, Zoom meetings can be used to strategize on how to handle new objections, new competitors or the best ways to deliver customer stories.

Call coaching sessions can be replaced with collaborative debates around the best way to start a cold call.

If the definition of insanity is truly doing the same thing over and over again, why are you expecting to see different results? Well please let this be your wake-up call.

Two years of sitting in boiling water is enough.

It’s time to try real-time sales coaching software to see the difference it makes versus your reactive conversational intelligence software.

We promise that your sales development reps will actually use our software.